AOL Desktop Gold link for windows and mac

Get AOL Desktop Gold Link

Are you looking for AOL Desktop gold link? Simple login with your AOL Details and Get Desktop gold link.

How to get AOL Desktop Gold link

For desktop gold link you have to first meet system requirement i.e.1st you must have a computer/ desktop having either Windows or MAC operating system having 200 MB of free space plus processer must be fast enough to Handel desktop gold link, 2nd you must have working internet connection and a browser.

Once you have all the requirements filled, follow the instructions given below to start the process.

About AOL Desktop Gold Link

  • Language - English
  • Link Size - 91 Mb
  • License - Paid
  • Cost - 4.99/ month
  • Developer – AOL
  • Compatibility - Windows/ MAC
how to download aol desktop gold link

Steps For Desktop Gold Link Download

  • Create or login to AOL account

    if you have an AOL account, login to your account and follow step2. Incase if you don’t have AOL account do create one by following this link.

  • Buy membership

    if you have AOL membership or, confirmation email you can move to step 3. Else go to mybenifits page and purchase desktop gold link membership.

  • Navigate “my products”

    Now from your account navigate to my product section; it’s in left side of page. Click on that and if your membership is activated you can see desktop gold link there in list of products.

  • Get AOL Desktop Gold Link

    Just click on “AOL Desktop gold link” and hit download, the 90 mb file will be saved in your computer

  • Get desktop gold link from confirmation email

    some user got confirmation email to try and use desktop gold link, if you are one of those users just open your email having title “get started with desktop gold”. You see AOL desktop gold link at the bottom .Click that to start the process.

You can get aol desktop gold link for windows and MAC operating system only.

Features of Desktop Gold Link

Desktop Gold link is your one stop software for needs links chatting, listing radio, news, watching TV, Movies And getting live weather updates and much more.Here are some of the popular features.

  • Chat Rooms

    Using Desktop gold link you can chat with your friends or anyone else, also you can join chat rooms to make friends.

  • Unlimited Gaming

    you can play games like Pogo, racing or puzzle etc. Just navigate to gaming section to get unmatched gaming experience.

  • Emailing

    using this software you can easily send and receive emails, you can also import export emails to/from your computer.

Features of desktop gold link 2019 edition
  • Smooth Browsing

    This software has inbuilt browser that help to surf the web with power of bing, google, AOL search engine at the top.

  • Print Anything

    you can print your emails and any attachment from this software, just give print command and get hard copy at your hands.

  • Anti-key logging

    This powerful feature ensure that your data is safe by hiding the letters and characters you type while writing.


Troubleshooting Guide for cant get AOL desktop GOld

Cant Get AOl Desktop Gold Link

IF you are facing trouble with AOL desktop gold download. Here are some troubleshooting steps you must follow.

  • Make sure your internet connection in active.Test it by browsing google, Facebook etc.
  • Go to your system hard drive and make sure you have enough free space there, if not delete unnecessary files to make free space.
  • Check if firewall or security program is not blocking AOL Desktop Gold link.
  • If nothing helps we recommend you to connect with AOL expert.Click the chat button below and fix you problem instantly.

Cant setup Desktop Gold Link

If you can not install AOL Desktop Gold . It means problem may be with downloaded link or your computer.You must analyse the problem before fixing it. See below for solutions.

  • Make Sure the AOL software your downloaded is not corrupted, you can always re download the software from official link
  • Your windows PC or MAC system must be updated else you may face error installing software.Contact your OS vendor to update the device
  • if you have less space in your hard drive or your processor if slow, installer may give trouble. Make sure you meat all system requirements given above, else update your hardware.
  • disable antivirus program or firewall while making install and if everything fails do chat with us to get instant solution
How to guide for AOL gold link installation error

Other Error You May Face

Below are list of issues you may face while downloading or using AOL desktop gold. We already ahve fix for all those issues. All you need to do is to explore our troubleshooting section or call @ 12345678

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Check the troubleshooting guide bleow to fix issue realted to desktop gold link- Download ,Install, Update. These self help guides will help you to fix fix error messages that you may face in desktop gold.

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Desktop Gold FAQ

In case you are trying to update make sure that your system complies with all the basic requirements for AOL desktop gold. In case of any mismatch AOL desktop gold will not download on your device. In case all the requirements are checked out, follow the given steps.
Restart your device >>>> Remove the pre installed downloaded file >>>> Download AOL desktop gold >>>> Run installation

How can I reinstall AOL gold on my device?

For reinstalling AOL desktop gold on your system for the given steps

  • Begin with removing the old version from your computer
  • Go to the official site of AOL desktop gold
  • Click on the official link, Download and run the file

AOL provides regular updates for its users. The updates comes with various features, upgraded securities and bug fixes. Some of the latest additions in the newest versions are:

  • Enhanced and upgraded advanced security
  • Auto update features
  • Updated web browser
  • Anti keylogger windows screen
  • Live support
  • Customised fonts

No you cannot download AOL desktop gold on IOS or any Android version phones. at present the latest version of AOL desktop gold can only be downloaded on the following fractions

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS mavericks and all its latest versions
  • Turn off your computer for 5 minutes or so
  • Hit the power button to turn it on
  • Now click and try to launch AOL desktop gold
  • In case the error persists uninstall the old AOL gold version
  • Go to the official link and reinstall

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