System Prerequisites for AOL Gold Update

Now-before heading for the manual AOL Desktop Gold update process, ensure your device has met the following requirements.

Otherwise, you’ll keep seeing an error message relating Desktop Gold update.

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 or Mac
  • Processor speed: More than 2.93 GHz
  • Windows Screen Resolution: Standard size-1024 x768 is recommended
  • Mac Resolution: 2304 x 1440 (standard)
  • Disk Space: More than 1 GB
  • RAM size: Atleast 1 GB
  • Network speed: Atleast 100Mbps
  • Internet connection: Stable and high-speed
  • .Net Framework: Version 4.5.2 or above

Update AOL Desktop Gold

Do AOL Desktop Gold functions like mail send/receive, chat, or play games bothering you with their performance?

After trying all feasible solutions, are you still struggling with the AOL Gold functionality?

If you’re nodding YES then, surely it’s not the issue with any specific feature but the whole AOL Desktop Gold program. Simply put, the software is prompting for AOL Desktop Gold update that has been launched by the official AOL.

Important: From manual AOL Desktop Gold update to automatic update resolution-we have included all that can help you enhance your AOL Gold.

Valid AOL Desktop Gold subscription with Advanced Plan membership

You may immediately start with the below solution- if your device has all the essentials. Else, first and foremost- fulfill the said requirements!

How to update AOL Desktop Gold on Windows and Mac?

Hope, your device has all the technical specs- stated above.

If you have landed here by ignoring any of these above essentials then, believe us- the process won’t be smooth for you.

And, most likely-you’ll end up having another error on your desktop screen (which surely you won’t like to see).

So, now after completing the above procedure; it’s time to update AOL Gold. We suggest to make your choice based on device OS and follow the steps as given.

AOL Desktop Gold Update for Windows

Close down all the programs currently running your device including AOL Gold. And, next follow as the process says:

  1. Open any browser window and download AOL Desktop Gold update.
  2. Save the update extension on your device-from where it can be accessed easily.
  3. After the update file downloads, double-click to launch it.
  4. Click on RUN button to confirm the action.
  5. Provide your AOL Desktop Gold login credentials in the prompted dialog box.

After the process completes, restart your device and login AOL Desktop Gold.

AOL Desktop Gold update for Mac

The process to install AOL Desktop Gold update on Mac device is quite similar to the one that’s stated for Windows OS. However, the terms used may differ.

Therefore, to add ease at your work- here are its steps:

  1. Open browser window like Safari or Firefox on your device.
  2. Go for AOL Desktop Gold update download from a reliable source.
  3. Tap on the file and follow-on screen instructions to complete the update process.
  4. Later, restart your device and start accessing Desktop Gold with high-speed performance.

If everything goes well- you’ll have fast running AOL desktop Gold program.

However, if you failed to update AOL desktop Gold, right away start with the troubleshooting of problem.

Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold update not working

Before you fix AOL Desktop Gold update not working error, you must know the reason that's troubling you.

As, it will help you fix the exact cause with relevant steps that too, instantly. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start with list of causes stated below.

Corrupt AOL Gold program

One of the most likely reasons for AOL update not happening can relates to the infectious Desktop Gold program. As, corrupt AOL Gold will not allow to update or make any further change in the software! In this case, you should download AOL Desktop Gold for Windows 7/8/10 or Mac again from a trustworthy source.

Disabled Windows Update

Wondering-how this can affect AOL Gold update? Well, located under Control Panel, this feature controls the up-gradation of all programs. So, in case-it's disabled, you can very well understand, what's stopping you from updating AOL Desktop.

Firewall Software

System security software like firewall- can also block AOL desktop update function.

No space in RAM

Every other program like AOL Gold needs RAM to download, install, or update. And, if the provided space is not enough for the action to complete, surely it will abort.

Poor Internet

Like other factors, strong network signal plays a vital role in AOL Gold upgrading. That implies, poor Internet can also trigger the AOL update error.

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What can happen-if you continue to ignore AOL Gold update?

Multiple issues can trigger, if AOL Desktop Gold is not updated timely. For example:

AOL Gold stopped working

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Desktop Gold Download error 104

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Missing AOL Desktop Gold contacts

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AOL Desktop Gold login issue

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Troubleshoot AOL Gold Update Errors

If you can't find the sign of your AOL Gold update not working above, you may ask Email Desktop Gold experts for direct assistance.

Another way, you can start with the following troubleshooting steps and resolve your AOL update issue.

1. Reboot your device to create more space in RAM and then, try starting AOL Desktop gold update manually.

2. If you still get an error during the update process then, go to Control Panel->Windows Updates-> and, enable the automatic update option.

3. You may also check and remove AOL Gold program from the Firewall list under Control Panel.

4. For update error still not resolving- perform a Disk cleanup action.

5. Try to disable all third-party security software like anti-virus programs temporarily. And, check if the update completes or not.

6. Do not forget to check the cables, router, modem, and Internet service. If you find fault with any of the peripherals stated herein, please replace or fix them immediately.

7. Most importantly, if your AOL Gold is corrupt, download and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on the device.

Note: Generally, AOL Desktop Gold updates automatically. However, if it fails the above process will surely help you.

In case, you are still struggling with AOL Desktop Gold update problem- ask desktop gold link team for more tough and advanced solution.