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Understand & Fix AOL Flash Player Problems

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AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player Not Working

Facing Problems while using the Flash player in AOL desktop software.

If this is correct, problems are troubling you during download, installation, up-gradation, or while trying to run videos or other relating files on the system then, you must need to check this troubleshooting guide which will help you fix this problem.

Here we had mentioned some common problems many users are bothered while using Flash player on AOL desktop software.

  1. AOL Desktop not detecting Flash player correctly
  2. Flash Player Won’t Work On AOL
  3. AOL Download and install Flash Player [Error]
  4. Unable to Update flash player windows 10
  5. AOL Gold Flash player error after Up-gradation
  6. AOL videos not playing, all other videos are just fine

Choose the one you are facing and then, read on troubleshooting steps ahead. Hopefully, your AOL desktop flash problems will get fixed up in no time.

Before moving forward to the troubleshooting steps make ensure that your AOL gold automatic updates option is working properly if not then, check the AOL gold automatic update not working guide and fix it first.

Solution 1: AOL Desktop not detecting Flash player correctly

AOL Desktop not detecting Flash player correctly

If your AOL doesn’t detect  installed Flash player, implement the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Open the browser you’re using for AOL (here, we’ve explained the steps using Internet Explorer)
  • Next, select the Tools button, and then, click on ‘Compatibility View’ settings.
  • In the newly opened window, type URL of the AOL site under ‘Add website’ section and click ‘Add’ button.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Close’ to apply changes.
  • In case, your AOL still doesn’t identify the Flash player, you must download and install Adobe Flash Player again.

Note: Sometimes, the images, menu, or text may get out of place. Due to which, AOL finds it difficult to detect Flash player.

Solution 2: Flash Player Won’t Work on AOL

Do your attempt to install Flash player on desktop fails every time?

If that’s a YES then, you need to first- identify and resolve all the problems relating AOL program.

Note: Here, the AOL Flash player problems pop-up mainly due to Desktop Gold Manager, which prevents the software installation.

  • To begin, open any browser like Google Chrome on your PC and run YouTube to confirm that the software is compatible with your system.
  • Next, exit the ‘Desktop Manager’ on your computer. For this, simply, press “CTRL+ALT+DELETE” keys on the keyboard. Then, you need to tap on the “Processes” tab and select ‘End Process’ for all programs with AOL names.
  • Followed by it, open Internet Explorer and download advanced Flash player.
    Important: Close the Explorer window before installing the flash player on your PC.
  • In case, the problem still doesn’t resolve and gives you an installation error- then, troubleshoot the system registry files.

Adobe Flash Player Installation Failed

  • To repair these files, download and run registry cleaning programs, so that registry errors get eliminated.

Clean System Registry Settings

  • Once the process completes, you can now download and install Flash player easily.

If the problem persists then we will recommend you to update AOL desktop gold software on your windows system because sometimes it is due to AOL desktop software is not updated to latest version.

Solution 3: AOL Download and install Flash Player [updated AOL


In order to troubleshoot- download & installation error of Flash player, follow these steps:

  • Open any browser window on your PC and paste this URL: www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html
  • Next, click on the current version of Flash Player that you are using.
  • Then, download ActiveX control content debugger from the page (through a provided link).

Download ActiveX Control


  • Once the file is saved on your system, click on ‘Run’ and follow the onscreen commands to complete the installation.
  • However, if the AOL desktop gold download and Flash Player installation problem still doesn’t go away then, clear the cache, cookies, history, and footprints from the browser you use.
  • In case, you’ve multiple browsers installed on your system, reset the web settings to fix the problem.

All you need to do is: Open the browser-> click on Menu icon-> tap on ‘Settings’ option-> scroll to page bottom and click on ‘Show advanced settings’ link-> then, click ‘Reset Settings’ button -> and, finally on ‘Reset’ button to confirm the action.

  • However, if the problem has occurred after the installation of some another browser then, reset the browser security settings to Default level.

Solution 4: Can’t Update Flash Player Windows 10

Having trouble updating  AOL Flash player in Windows 10?

Then, learn here how to upgrade to its advanced version in AOL Desktop Gold software.

  • Go to the Adobe Flash Player Installation Page.
  • Then, on the opened page, select your PC’s current operating system.
  • Next, select the windows (current) version. In case, you aren’t aware, just click on Control Panel -> System and Security -> and then, System. You’ll find the information on the respective page.
  • Once you select the right version, click on Download now.
  • Then, open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen commands to complete the installation.

Note: Don’t forget to restart Desktop gold in order to apply the saved changes.

Solution 5: Problem with Flash Player in AOL after Windows Update

Problem with Flash player download, installation, or run- is quite common after the Windows update.

Hence, to resolve relating AOL Flash Player problems – you must choose the Compatibility view in the browser window. Then, re-try to play the videos.

Internet Explorer Compatibility View Settings

For detailed steps, check out the steps in Solution 1 above.

Note: Sometimes after new update comes to your system many users face AOL Desktop Icon missing issue if same happens with you then you need to checkout the AOL desktop gold icon missing guide.

Solution 6: AOL videos not playing, all other videos are just fine

So, you’ve tested that AOL videos not playing while other videos are just fine?

Well, don’t panic! Just follow the troubleshooting steps given ahead:

  • Usually, the anti-virus on system obstructs the AOL videos from playing. So, to get rid of this issue- Open the anti-virus’ settings on your PC.
  • Next, select Protection-> and click on “private browsing settings”.
  • Then, click on “Categories and exclusions” button to enter another page.

Add Exclusions in Windows Defender

  • Here, select “Exclusions” -> “Add”-> and, type www.aol.com manually in the provided field.

As soon- you save the changes, the AOL videos and other news websites will start playing.


To wrap up, all these AOL Flash Player problems have a specific solution that will surely resolve your issue. In case, you’re facing any other problem with AOL desktop gold then you can go through our Troubleshooting Guides Page, Or you can also contact AOL experts at (888)616-4869.