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[Solved] Unable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold

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Unable To Print From AOL Desktop Gold
Are you unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold?

Thinking , what to do now?

Its Simple! Opt for the following solutions and fix your AOL Gold printing problems.

But, before it- you must know what’s causing the issue related to prints in AOL desktop gold. Once you find the reason , you can easily troubleshoot the problem.

Possible causes of printer issues within AOL Desktop Gold:

  • Printer Malfunctioning or faulty printer
  • Conflicting programs
  • Corrupted Files relating print operation
  • Sometimes, the print problem is exclusive to AOL

However in case you are facing problem with AOL gold software then you need to go the AOL desktop gold common problems guide and need to fix it first.

Unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold? – Let’s Troubleshoot

Well there is an option given in AOL desktop software to print an email, attachments, or website.

However, if there is any trouble while performing the operation; continue using the below-defined solutions until it fixes your AOL desktop gold printing problem.

  • To begin, ensure that your printer is working fine with all other programs.
  • And to inspect this, go to a blank area on computer screen and right-click using the mouse.
  • Next, click “New” option from the opened sub-menu and further, select “Text document”.
  • Then, open the created notepad and type some text to print on the page.
  • Followed by it, click on ‘File’ option in Menu bar and tap on “Print”.
  • In the next opened window, select your printer and tap on Print button again.
  • If you get the prompt to save file, then locate the document as your choice.

However, if the operation doesn’t complete, troubleshoot the AOL print error with the following solutions.

Enable Required Startup Programs (Only)

Once the system turns ON, there are several programs, which begin simultaneously. As a result, the major programs on computer slows down or can’t complete their course of action(here it refers to printer programs).

Hence, it’s wise to disable all those programs, which may otherwise, not be needed- when you start your computer.

  • First, click on Search Box under the Start menu.
  • Second, type “Task Manager” in the field and hit ENTER on keyboard.

Task Manager

  • Next, click on the ‘Startup’ tab-> select all the non-required programs-> and, then click on Disable button.
  • Repeat this last step, until you have disabled all the non-essential programs.

Note: For optimal AOL service, enable only AOL Desktop Gold, AOL software, and anti-virus in startup items.

  • Finally, close the Task Manager window.

In case- You didn’t have the latest version of AOL gold then go and update AOL desktop gold for windows to the latest version.

Check and Set the Print Margins

Have you checked the print margins?

Are they set properly? If not, Don’t Panic- the steps below will help you.

  • Just launch the Internet Explorer.
  • Next, click on File menu and select Page Setup option from the drop-down box.
  • Then, under Margins section, type 0.25 in the field next to Left, Right, Top and Bottom.

Internet Explorer Print Settings

  • After this, click OK to save the changes.

Clear the Print Spool

Corrupt print spool printer is another issue related to prints in AOL desktop gold. And, clearing the print spool most often resolves the problem.

Therefore, to clear the print spool:

  • Turn on your computer and on the Windows taskbar, look at the clock (usually, bottom right corner).
  • Next, search for the printer icon. If you can’t locate this icon, click on show hidden icons arrow to reveal it. Next, double-click on the icon.

Note: For Windows 7, you can pick the icons that you want to display in the System Tray.

  • Then, on the print job, do right-click and then, tap on Cancel button.

Cancel Ongoing Print Jobs

  • Lastly, click ‘Yes’ to confirm the cancellation and close the opened windows.

Note: If there are more print jobs in the queue, then repeat the above-explained steps unless all the jobs are canceled.

If you still can’t print from AOL Desktop Gold, try the printing operation in Internet Explorer to confirm that the problem is with AOL (only), but if your AOL desktop software is not working properly go and check the AOL desktop gold not responding or working guide.

Print Web pages using IE

To print in Internet Explorer,

  • Press CTRL + P on the keyboard.
  • Note: For print, you can also select the Tool button -> Print, and then choose Print.

Print from Browser

  • Next, check what the printed page looks like by tapping on ‘Print Preview’.
  • In case, you want to check the picture print (only), right click on the picture you want to print on the page.
  • Next, select Print option from the opened sub-menu and click Print again.
  • If the action completes, it means the problem is at AOL’s side.

Now, to fix this AOL gold problem, let’s begin with the ahead explained troubleshooting steps.

Unable to print emails from AOL due to Desktop Gold- Quick Fix

So, your printer is absolutely fine!

But, the ‘error: Unable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold’ is still troubling you.

Then, with no more delay; start with the AOL Gold setup scrutiny.

  • Launch and open Desktop gold software using your authenticated login credentials.
  • Next, click on the ‘Settings’ icon below the menu bar to open a new window.
  • Then, select ‘Mail Settings’ from the left menu bar to change AOL POP and IMAP settings.
  • While you change the IMAP Setup Information, use the following details:

AOL IMAP Settings

  • IMAP Username: yourUsername@aol.com (or @games.com, etc.)
  • Incoming Mail Server: imap.aol.com (Use 993 for SSL connections or port 143 for standard)
  • SMTP Outgoing Server Address: smtp.aol.com (use port to 587)
  • SMTP Username: yourUsername@aol.com (or @games.com, etc.)
  • SMTP Password: your authenticated password that you use for sign-in

Note: To build more secure connection, check ‘SSL’ option for IMAP/POP and ‘TLS’ for SMTP in your AOL software.

Once you download and install AOL desktop gold software on your system you need to login into your AOL account. If you didn’t know or forget the password then check the steps to reset AOL desktop password and get yourself a new password.

Hope the above solutions will help you fix your problem. If having any queries contact the support at 888)616-4869.