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Steps to Reset AOL Desktop Gold Password | Recovery Process

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Reset aol desktop gold process steps

After resolving “Reset AOL Desktop Gold Password ” issue for more than 68% AOL users, we decided to provide its DIY solution to reset AOL desktop gold password.

First, we analyzed all types of issues relating AOL desktop reset password that bothered users.

Then, we looked at all the possible solutions for the reasons that trigger “can’t reset my AOL password problem”.

And, thanks to all the AOL users, who trusted us and shared their reset password for AOL account issues. As it helped us to jolt down the most feasible and proven answers!

Now, let’s see the results that we got for desktop gold users bothered by AOL login password problem.

Here is a Summary of our Key Findings:

  1. You can reset AOL desktop Gold login password easily using recovery email address, recovery phone number, or security questions. This information is majorly added while creating the account. And, out of total- only 30% of AOL users are aware of this AOL Desktop Password Recovery information.
  2. However, if you are among 70% of those AOL users, who don’t have password recovery data, the steps get quite technical. But you can still reset AOL desktop gold login password using key-logger, or your credit card details attached with AOL account.
  3. Besides this, you can even recover your hacked AOL Gold account by troubleshooting AOL Desktop password that refuses to login.
  4. You can also add recovery information after resetting AOL password so, the next time it gets easier to recover it.
  5. In case, you cannot access AOL password reset problem, your system might need troubleshooting.

Note: Including System troubleshooting, you need to check your AOL desktop gold is working good or not, if you find your software have problems then uninstall it and again AOL desktop gold download on your system.

Besides AOL gold password reset guide, we have detailed information and troubleshooting instructions for all the analysis of AOL desktop software problems that includes AOL desktop gold 104 error or AOL desktop gold icon missing from desktop screen.

But, give a look below for analysis of AOL Gold password reset and recover or AOL password won’t work

Analysis 1: Recovery Email address, Phone number & Security questions help you reset AOL Desktop Gold password

The initial aim of our research was to help you reset or recover password in AOL desktop Gold account.

And, using our expertise and practical experience against the problem, we found the following proven solution.

  1. Open any active browser Window on your Computer and open AOL login screen for password reset in AOL desktop.
  2. Type in your username and click on ‘I forgot my password’ link to redirect onto the next screen.
  3. You’ll be asked to share your recovery phone number so that AOL server can verify your identity and help you recover password in desktop Gold account.
  4. If the provided number matches with the AOL record, you’ll get a code on your same phone number. That you need to type on the prompted AOL window.
  5. However, if you have no more access to the recovery phone number- you can go for recovery email option as well.

In case, your problem still persists contact desktop gold support team to get rid of these types of problems.

Is the Option- Making you ponder over the process length?

Then, first keep your worry aside- as, we have a new way of helping you reset AOL Gold password using email address!

Here’s that new way:

  1. Double-click AOL Desktop Gold icon to open the login Window.
    Point: (In sort of situation, if your AOL desktop gold icon not responding, go to restart your system. After restart, your problem continue persist i.e. freezes up, read a guide on how to troubleshoot AOL desktop gold icon not responding )
  2. Then, type your username and click on “Forgot password link” to get the recovery option.
  3. Write your present mail ID and name mentioned on credit card (attached to AOL account)& hit Enter.
  4. If the information is correct, next you will need to type the last 4-digits of the same billing card.
  5. After you click SUBMIT, type the recovery email to get the AOL password reset link and recover your lost AOL password.

Important: These 5-steps will be your savior, even if you have no recovery information.

Still, Having Problem While Recover or Reset AOL Desktop Gold Password?
Fixed Away to Call Experts (888)616-4869

In Case, you are still looking for some other option, try the Security questions. For this:

  1. You need to select Security question option, below the recovery phone and email address.
  2. Answer the question asked during the process. Most likely, it would be relating your birthplace, area zip code, or any other personal details.
  3. If the answer matches with the data stored on AOL server- you’ll be redirected to new password reset screen.
  4. You need to type one password in both NEW and CONFIRM password field. And, click ‘CONTINUE’ to complete the process.

Hope you got your AOL gold login password and account back.

However, if all the above ways to restore Desktop Gold password seems useless, OR

You don’t have any of the above information on your AOL Gold account, THEN…

This brings us to our second analysis of key findings!

Want to know- what exactly do “why can’t AOL reset my password” problem?

Then, keep reading….

Analysis 2: Recover AOL Gold Password using Technical Ways

Important: You must be technically sound for the access and implementation of the below methods. Otherwise, things may turn worse for you!!

We aren’t frightening you but we also don’t want you to damage your Computer system.

Sometimes, AOL desktop gold software is getting worse because of Computer system problem. So, to fix this type of error reinstall AOL desktop gold on your system.

So, if you are confident about your technical skills- here’s the first way to recover Desktop Gold password or AOL won’t let me reset my password.

#1 Use Key-logger to retrieve or reset Desktop Gold password

If you have anti-key logger on your device, the process to restore password of AOL Gold gets even easier.

Because all you need to do is:

  1. Go to primary drive of your system and open key-logger folder to get the AOL account password.
  2. You have to search for a keyboard stroke file and find the lost AOL Gold password.
  3. If you aren’t able to recover the password of AOL account, we have one more solution for you!

And, surprisingly-next process is more helpful as the steps also help when your AOL account is hacked.

So, with no more fuss- let’s see what the next solution on list is!

Analysis 3: Use Credit card information to recover hacked Desktop Gold mail

Here, we are talking about the card that you use, to pay your AOL monthly subscription fee.

If you have that card, apply these below steps and get your result at the end.

  1. Navigate to ‘Forgot Password’ link’ and enter the Gold Desktop password recovery web-page.
  2. Scroll down the page to choose billing option and type your present email address with the Name on billing card.
  3. In the next field, type the last four digits of your credit card number to verify the details.
  4. If the information matches with AOL Gold server record, you will be redirected to password reset screen.
  5. Simply, type a new AOL password and tap Save.

So, this is how- you can reset, retrieve, or recover the password of your desktop gold account.

However, if you want to avoid getting into so much trouble next time, it’s wise to store AOL recovery information.

Additionally, this data will make your desktop gold link account secure-that also keeps intruders out!

To understand deeply- what we are talking about- analyze next finding.

Analysis 4: Add AOL Password Recovery Information to secure Gold mail

The process is quite easy as you only need to change AOL password:

  1. Login AOL Desktop Gold account and navigate to Settings from menu bar.
  2. Next, tap on AOL account Security page and choose Add recovery phone number option to type the details.
  3. Likewise, on the same page- next select Recovery email address to type the relating information.

Important: You may even change this data to keep AOL desktop password recovery process simple.

For that:

  1. Click on the Delete icon (next to the old password recovery information).
  2. Press YES to confirm the action. And then, you can follow the above three steps to add Desktop Gold password recover information.
  3. Step 2 will take you out from AOL account and you need to go to Sign-in Helper link.
  4. There add the old alternate phone number or email address. You will get the verification code that needs to be typed in prompted field.
  5. After AOL verifies your identity, you can finally remove the old password recovery information from the AOL account.

Analysis 5: AOL Gold doesn’t work even after Password reset

Mostly AOL users find problems on “I changed my AOL password and now doesn’t work” or “AOL password reset not working”

So, we looked at all possible reasons for AOL login password reset not working post.

And, we found that most of the time, AOL Gold keeps accessing the old password saved in the system.

This suggests that your system needs cleaning from old and unnecessary information like old AOL Desktop password.

Also, ensure you’re using the latest version of AOL desktop gold software. If you find any updates pending, then upgrade AOL desktop gold and again login into AOL account.

Therefore, to help you in this regard here’s the proven answer:

  1. Open AOL browser Window and click on three-dots like icon at top-right corner.
  2. You’ll see Settings option, which will take you to another page after you click on it.
  3. Scroll down onto the page unless you see Saved password listed.
  4. You may type ‘SAVED PASSWORD’ in the search field at the top and hit ENTER.
  5. After you enter the Saved password data, search for the option AOL Gold or mail.
  6. If you are able to locate the AOL password on list, click on DELETE icon (next to it) and remove the data.

Important: You must also clear history, cookies, cache, and footprints stored under the same settings to remove old saved AOL password.


And, now we would like to hear from you, if you want some more help on AOL password reset problems.