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Make Desktop Gold Default Browser or Email Client

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Desktop Gold Default Browser

Making the Desktop Gold as a default browser will help you in accessing the account which is related to AOL at any point of time.

Using a default browser will provide you a lot of ease while carrying out different activities. The Set Desktop Gold as Default Browser will allow you to watch movies, videos and browse over the internet easily.

The default browser will open automatically. Make sure that you are using an updated version of Desktop Gold.

Steps to Set Desktop Gold as Default Browser

The steps to Change your desktop gold into Default Browser are as follows

  • First, turn on the system and open the AOL gold software in the system.
  • Then sign in into the account by providing the username as well as the password. Now proceed towards settings.
  • Then move to the left hand side of the system and select on general options.
  • Next mark the option which says set up the desktop software as a default browser.
  • After selecting the default page, a new window will open up which will ask for the default apps that are in the list.
  • From that list, you need to tick on the check box which says set desktop gold as an email client or default browser.
  • To confirm the changes, select on the okay box and then sign in to the desktop account.

Reasons and solution for why not able to set Desktop Gold as Default Browser

Virus and Malware may cause problem to set Desktop Gold as Default Browser

If the system has been attacked by a harmful virus then you can’t Set Desktop Gold as Default Browser. To rectify the error, the solution is explained below.

  • For that remove the virus or the malware that is present on the computer.
  • Check if your system is having a system scanner or not. If not then download AOL desktop gold from a reliable source.
  • Now, install AOL Desktop gold it and then select on the icon of the gold software and then run the anti-virus to scan the machine.
  • Make sure that you are selecting the option which says scan the whole machine when the message pops up in the screen.
  • After the process has been completed, you will discover a list of virus that is present in the system has appeared.
  • Right click on them and press on the delete button or you can select on auto delete also.
  • Continue with all the steps for the entire virus that is present in the list.
  • After you delete all the viruses from the system, you will receive a message deleted which means that the system is virus free now.

If any virus is there, then you need to follow these steps which will allow you to set the desktop gold as the default browser.

Restart the system

  • First save and then close all the files that are open in the desktop. Proceed to the start button and then select on restart button or click on Alt + F4 to start with the restart process.
  • This process will clear the RAM and will create a space for the software which will help in setting AOL gold as a default browser.

Insufficient requirements lead to unavailable of Desktop Gold as Default Browser

  • You must have an operating system of either windows 8 or windows 7 or windows 10 or windows 8.1.
  • The speed of the processor should be at least 266 MHZ.
  • The screen resolution must be 1024 x 768 or more than that.
  • The system should also have a strong as well as a stable internet connection.
  • At least 1GB RAM should be available.
  • There should be free space of 512 MB in the hard disk.

Update the desktop gold software to Set AOL Gold as Default Browser

If the software is of outdated version, then follow the steps that are discussed below

  • In most of the systems, due to the automatic update system, the gold software gets updated easily. If in case, you find that the software is not an updated one, then you need to update it first.
  • Using an outdated version will not allow you to set the gold software as a default browser. So update AOL desktop gold software

The firewall as well as the anti-virus needs to be disabled to Set AOl as Default Browser

  • Move the cursor and double click on the icon of AOL gold from where you can see that the security center will get opened.
  • Proceed to the internet explorer and select on the antivirus link.
  • Switch off the restore default button on the system.
  • A similar page like this will open up which will ask a question specify the time when you want to resume the anti-virus program. You are requested to specify the time and select on switch off to complete with the process.
  • Then re-launch the software on the system.

The above step will help you to launch the gold software in the system. In case icon missing issue read AOL desktop gold icon missing issue

The network connection needs to be checked to Set Desktop Gold as Default Browser

This will occur when you are not having a stable as well as a strong network.

  • To do that before carrying out any step, make the connection of the internet proper.
  • Check if the cables of the router and the system are inserted properly or not.
  • Once unplug all of them and then plug in again.
  • If the internet is fine, then you can you won’t face any problem but in case if it’s same then continue with the process.
  • Go to the start button and select on the control panel and proceed to network and sharing center option.
  • Go to network setting button and click on troubleshoot problems.
  • Select on the network adapter as well as on the internet connection. The problem will get highlighted in the screen due to which you are not able to set a proper internet connection.
  • Rectify the issue and then restart the system.
  • After that whether you are able to rectify the problem or not.


The above process will help in setting desktop gold as an Email client or as a default browser. If not please go to desktop gold troubleshooting section.