Install AOL Desktop Gold on your windows PC or MAC System. Login with valid AOL credentials. And start using AOL gold application to chat with your friends, browser internet, watch news videos, see latest weather updates, and listen to your fev radio station and so on. With all now AOL Gold you get 360 degrees web protection.
AOL Desktop Gold can be installed on windows PC, i.e. Windows, 7, 8, 10, Vista Etc
You can install AOL Gold on MAC OS also.
AOL Desktop Gold is premium software with monthly cost 4.99, with size of 90+ MB

Install AOL Desktop Gold

Install AOL Desktop Gold Latest Version All OS:- AOL Gold software 11 or higher is simple to install like other software.Just meet the system requirements and follow the instructions given below for AOL gold installation. Steps to install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows and MAC are different. Find the relevant solution below.

System Requirement for AOL Gold installtion

Your operating system must be of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or MAC Operating System

Computer Processor Speed:

Your system must have computer processor which is 266 MHz or faster.we do recommend i3 5th generation or above.

It is recommended to have 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution.As you can watch videos, TV, News on AOL Gold.

System must have atleast 1 GB of RAM, atleast 20 GB of free hard disk space.For upgrade process you need some extra space.

Finally you must have latest version of aol gold file if you dont have done download aol desktop gold.Also you do need fast and reliable internet connection. it may be broadband, wireless, DSL or hotspot internet.

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Insallation Steps

Step to Install AOL
Desktop Gold


Install AOL Gold Desktop Windows

AOL desktop gold can be installed on different operating system whether you are using windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or 10 or MAC. The installation steps will be different for both the operating systems.This Section will help you, if you want fresh AOL desktop Gold Installation

  1. Locate your file:
  2. As you have already downloaded AOL desktop gold for windows. Now the second step is to install the AOL desktop gold in order to use this amazing software. Locate the AOL desktop gold file. In window system you can always locate your file either in your download folder or by making a window search. You can make a window search like AOL desktop gold and your downloaded file will appear in the search result.

  3. Check System Requirements:
  4. Once you have located the file, you have to install this file on your system in order to use this amazing software, you must have recommended system requirements such as a free space of 50 MB and processor must be of 256 MB or higher and also make sure your internet connection is active.

  5. Start AOL GOLD Installation Process:
  6. Double click on this file named “AOL-desktop-gold” an windows prompt will open click on "run".Installer now will ask your permission to make changes in Computer click on yes.

  1. Choose Installation Location:
  2. Installer will now ask you for the location permissions. Choose the file location where you would like to install the software & click "Install".

  3. Choose Install or Upgrade:
  4. If you already have AOL Gold, installer will ask you if want fresh installation or want to upgrade, we recommend to go with fresh install.

  5. Finish your installation:
  6. In next screen it will ask you for agree terms and conditions give it a positive response by clicking next.Follow on screen instructions to finish AOL gold installation.

  7. Launch AOL Gold
  8. If the installation is successful, gold software will get launched automatically and login screen will appear.You can launch AOL desktop gold from Windows desktop & system tray, see for AOL Gold icon.

  9. Start Using your AOL desktop Gold:
  10. login through your valid AOL account details and start using the software.If you are facing any trouble installing AOL gold on windows call 000000000.Using AOL Desktop gold you can manage emails, chat with friends, use the internet with inbuilt browser, and connect to the web.


Install AOL Gold Desktop MAC

Installing AOL Desktop Gold on MAC is bit different than windows.Follow the instructions given below to install AOL Gold on MAC OS.Keep your Operating System Updated and make sure you meet all system requirements given Below.

  1. Find the AOL Gold desktop File you already downloaded:
  2. Click on the finder on the bottom left of your screen( the leftmost icon in the Dock). Click on the Downloads icon on the left side of the screen under Favourites. Alternatively, the right side of the dock has its own Downloads option, to the immediate left of the Trash icon. Tap the Downloads icon to open up a menu of all the items you’ve recently downloaded.And locate file named "Install_AOL_Desktop"

  3. Initiate Installation task:
  4. Click on "Install_AOL_Desktop" to start the installation process. On Install AOL Desktop prompt for Mac window, click continue.

  5. Initiate Installation task:
  6. On the information and license agreement page, click ‘continue’ again. Click on ‘agree’ to install software and click the ‘install’ button.

  1. Finish the Installation
  2. Once the installation is finished ,Your next step is to provide your username and password and close the box. Wait for a while for the install to get completed. After which, you must restart your computer once

  3. Launch The Software
  4. After restart just launch the software, you have to launch desktop gold, just see your MAC dock and click on gold application.if you cant find it here go to mac application launchpad and it will list all installed application, just find AOL software and click to launch it.

  5. Use & Fix AOl Gold Desktop:
  6. If you have reached the end of the final step you must successfully installed desktop gold to your Mac. However, if you are still stuck in any step due to some technical glitches or complication Call 000000000.


What are you waiting for?

Click download button &enjoy best app in the planet.

Uninstall AOl Desktop Gold

This Section will help you, if you want to Un-install AOL desktop gold or want to fix the issue that you face during AOL gold instillation. We have 100% working solution for each just make sure your computer, MAC meet system requirement. Its recommended to update your OS. If you can Not do it just ask expert by calling 000000000. Explore the section below as per your problem....

  • Open Control panel

    On your Windows Start menu, Search For control panel. Alternatively you can find control panel at the top raw of file explorer.

  • Find Desktop Gold File

    Under control panel, Click on Program files and a list of installed application will appear just search for AOL Desktop Gold.

  • Initiate AOl Desktop gold Uninstall

    On AOL Desktop Gold File , do right click and than click on install.A windows prompt will open, Select complete uninstall and click next.this will uninstall your gold software from windows.


Unable to install AOL Desktop Gold

If you are still facing any problem while installing AOL, there might be any technical error or any network problem. Please read below mentioned reasonsof installation errors.

  1. Check the minimum system requirements:
  2. Desktop Gold isn't compatible with versions of Microsoft Windows earlier than Windows 7. To make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements, please check the system requirements as mentioned above.

  3. Restart the computer:
  4. If you haven't recently restarted your computer or you don't restart your computer very often, we recommend that you must restart your computer. This will help to clear the internal memory (RAM), which often resolves many issues.

  5. Use an Anti-Virus Software:
  6. Run anti-virus software installed on your system in order to scan the corrupted files. In case your system has any virus or malware, then delete that file and remove the virus.

  7. Check damaged drivers or files:
  8. Sometimes, your system has installed any damaged or corrupted driver. If this is the case, then you need to delete that and re-install it.

  9. Perform a Clean boot:
  10. Press the start button and search for msconfig, then select system configuration. Go to the service tab in the appeared section and mark all the boxes next to ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ and choose to disable all the services. Now, press Ctrl+ Shift +Esc and in the Task Manager go to the Startup tab. Then disable all the items and restart your computer to save all the updated changes.

Other Error You May Face During Desktop Gold Installation

AOL gold desktop is an one-stop solution software with numerous services. It provides a deluge of benefits, but sometimes users notice some errors and these errors occur continuously on your screen which prevents you to install AOL desktop gold software. Error 104 is displayed on the screen which crashes the running programs on the system.Your system slows down and hangs in between.System doesn’t respond to any commands given by the user.


Can’t Login to AOL Gold After Installation:

Before you go ahead with the following fixes, make sure that you’ve followed the exact steps as mentioned below to sign in your AOL Gold account. (Note: Do not take these steps lightly- as they will help you know whether the issue is with your device, AOL Gold program, or the process that you were following.)

  • Launch AOL Desktop Gold from the icon on your desktop screen
  • After you see AOL Gold login screen, type your AOL Username and press ENTER. Make sure your username or email-address is typed correctly.
  • Now, if you see a message saying Authentication issue- it implies either you’re misspelling your login credentials or maybe the password is wrong.
  • Hence, try to recall if you have changed the AOL Gold password recently. If so, then delete the cache, cookies, and history to remove any old AOL saved a password.
  • Reset your AOL password which is the best option to try for AOL login

AOL Desktop Gold Error 104:

AOL gold desktop is an one-stop solution software with numerous services. It provides a deluge of benefits, but sometimes users notice some errors and these errors occur continuously on your screen which prevents you to install AOL desktop gold software. Error 104 is displayed on the screen which crashes the running programs on the system.Your system slows down and hangs in between.System doesn’t respond to any commands given by the user.

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On account of its advanced features and security settings, AOL Desktop Gold needs certain basic system requirements to run smoothly. Sometimes if these system requirements are not available on your system then AOL Desktop Gold will not be able to install properly. Aol desktop gold may face installation problems on Mac due to certain issues such as doesn’t match system requirements.

  • Operating system must be 9.0 or higher
  • Processor must be 266 MHz or faster
  • Memory should be at least 512 MB Free Disk Space with 1 GB RAM
  • You must have Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Router: ADSL modem routers/ Dual Band wifi router
  • Internet: Fast, stable, and Uninterrupted for download

Re-install AOL Desktop Gold

Re-installing AOL Desktop Gold procedure is same as installing AOL Desktop Gold. All you need to make sure is, that previous copy of your install is completely deleted.

You can deleted traces of previous install by going to windows c folder>>> program files> AOL folder and delete that folder.After that you can reinstall AOL gold, below are the instructions.

  • Locate AOL desktop gold file in your browser Windows.
  • Double click on it to start the installation process.
  • Agree to terms and condition followed by on screen instructions to complete the re-installation process.
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Desktop Gold FAQ

No you can’t, As AOL desktop gold is only available for windows and MAC OS. Also your Windows operating system must with 7 or higher.

Is internet connection required to install AOL gold?

IF you already downloaded AOL gold file, and just want to install no internet connect is required, however without internet connection you can’t use AOL desktop gold.

To clean uninstall go to your program files and locate AOL folder and delete it, also remove it from your control panel.

Yes you can access your emails anytime by simply login in to your aol account. For mobile device you can download AOL app and can access emails on the go.

In that case you can reach official AOL support here. If they are not able to fix your issue you can opt for our paid service, reach us at 00000000.