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AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player Won’t Work | Problem – Solved

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If videos and other multimedia stuff take too much time to load or won’t open, then the error can be associated with AOL desktop gold flash player won’t work.

The other prominent issues you can encounter related to adobe flash player include:

  • Desktop gold flash player not updating
  • AOL desktop gold flash player won’t work
  • Can’t download and install adobe flash player in desktop gold
  • Adobe flash player not working in desktop gold
  • AOL Desktop gold won’t detect adobe flash player problem

So, follow this guide till it ends to get your Flash player working again on AOL desktop gold software.

Furthermore, we have recommended that you download the latest AOL desktop gold software.

But first, we need to verify- what to fix? Run the following measures to resolving problem:

Things to do Before Troubleshooting Flash Player Issues

  1. The first and foremost thing you need to pay attention to is your Internet connection. Yes! Sometimes the problem is nothing but the defective internet connection that is causing error while playing content over desktop gold.

  2. The next important thing you must look for is Chrome Settings if the AOL desktop gold flash player won’t work . Make sure you have enabled the flash player on your Chrome browser.

  3. Another must looking factor is – Try playing some other videos or content on your desktop gold. If the problem is the same with every video, you need to troubleshoot your desktop gold software. Simply uninstall, download and reinstall the desktop gold on your Windows.

  4. Apart from this, run a security program to detect infectious and malicious file presence.

  5. Try rebooting your system. Rebooting your system is recommended when you constantly face the same issue over and over. Doing this will flush out the common glitches.

Despite every possible attempt if you’re still getting the same issue again then you can lead to applying the below-mentioned steps one by one to get fix the problem.

So let’s begin…

Fix Adobe Flash Player not Working in Desktop Gold- Easy Steps

Whether you’re unable to play videos or the videos start crashing when you hit the play button- all these problems are the clear symptoms of outdated/corrupt adobe flash player software.

The best fix for this issue is to download and install the flash software again on the Computer that you’re using to access your desktop gold.

So moving on to our main issue, before you download the new flash software to install, first you need to remove the existing software from your Computer. Otherwise, it will result in further playback issues.  To do so, 

  1. Click on the Window start button>>>>>go to Control Panel
  2. Choose ‘Programs’ >>>>>under this menu, pick ‘uninstall a program’
  3. On the next Window, choose the flash program and right-click on it and choose to uninstall.

After completing this, you can now add advanced flash software on your program.

Steps to ‘Download’ & ‘Install’ Desktop Flash

  1. To download the latest adobe flash player, open your Computer browser, preferably Chrome.

  2. Now navigate to Adobe Flash Player Install Page.

  3. You will be asked to provide the OS and plug-in choice here, so choose your operating system under “Step 1” and choose ‘FP 32 for Opera and Chromium – PP API’ under step 2.

Attention: If you want to download Flash Player on a Windows 10 PC, then you need to choose the Window 10 in ‘step 1’. Afterward, you have to allow the onscreen instructions to install flash on your Computer.

  1. Now click on the yellow Download button on the same Window.

  2. After the download completes save and open the installer file.

  3. Accept the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. After successful installation, if the installer won’t open, or if the Adobe Flash Player Won’t Install, you should update your OS to make it compatible with flash software.

At last, reboot your PC and try again to access multimedia content over desktop gold software. If you find that AOL Desktop gold login is not working, check your password, if it contains any capital or special character; be sure you’re providing the correct value.

Also, if you encounter any ActiveX error during flash player installation, here is what you can do:

Fix Install Flash Player ActiveX Error in Desktop

Getting errors while installing a flash player can be quite irritating. You can fix the issue using below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open your browser

  2. Type in ‘adobe.com/support/flash player/downloads.html’ in the address bar.

  3. Next, select the current Flash Player version you’re using on your Computer.

  4. Search for the “Content Debugger”.

  5. Next, download the ‘ActiveX control content debugger’.

  6. Now locate the downloaded file on your system. If you haven’t specified any particular file location it will reside in the download folder by default.

  7. Double click on the file to Run.

  8. Once you’re done with this, you can try downloading & installing the flash player again.

So you have successfully downloaded and installed the adobe flash for your desktop gold software. But this is not the end! There is something more to do…

Now you have to enable the adobe flash to run for your desktop gold site.

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Enable Flash Player for AOL Desktop Gold

Are you getting a display error that ‘Adobe Flash’ is blocked because it is out of date?

If yes then first you need to turn on the flash player on Chrome (or browser that you use to access desktop gold mail).

  1. Open Chrome on your Computer. Be sure it is connected with the internet. In case you’re desktop gold software can’t connect to the internet, restart your system and try again.

  2. Run desktop gold URL>>> click on the lock icon placed before the URL address.

  3. On the popup Window choose ‘Site Settings’

  4. You will be directed to Chrome Setting page>>>>>now search and locate the “Flash”.

  5. Finally, allow the small arrow icon before flash to allow the flash for desktop gold site

Also, it is wise to perform timely updates to avoid playback issues on AOL desktop gold. In order to update your flash player you need to do the following steps:

Learn How to Perform Flash Player Update

  1. Open  Chrome and run the ‘ chrome://componentsthe’
  2. Search “Adobe Flash Player”.
  3. Hit the ‘Check for Updates’ button to see the status.
  4. If the status is “Component updated”, you’re running the latest one.

Read troubleshooting guide on if AOL desktop gold automatic update not working 

AOL Desktop Gold not Detecting the Flash Player Solutions

If your AOL desktop gold keeps failing to detect the flash player even though it is installed on your Computer. Then it has to do something with your Browser Settings.

  1. To fix this issue, launch your Computer browser.
  2. Now Go to ‘tools’>>>>>Under this option choose ‘View Compatibility’ option.
  3. Select the ‘Add website’ button and type in the desktop gold URL.
  4. Next hit the ‘ADD’ button>>>>>>at last click on the ‘close’ button.

After performing all these instructions your AOL desktop gold software will start detecting flash players without any issue. In case, still if you are facing a problem then you may consult with our desktop gold professionals to induce the reliable solutions and best help to mend the AOL desktop gold flash player won’t work problem.