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Can’t Find Mails in AOL Desktop Gold – 5 Recommended Solution


Can’t Find Mails in AOL Desktop Gold Software?

We know how annoying it can be when you can’t retrieve your emails in desktop gold even after many attempts. In this guide, we are providing solutions to help resolve the issue without taking much stress.

So let’s start troubleshooting. I can’t find email in my AOL desktop gold account!

However, if your AOL Desktop Gold software is having a problem:

Can’t Find Emails in AOL Desktop Gold- Common Fixes

  • Make sure you have a valid advantage desktop gold plan to receive mails.
  • Be sure you’re using updated Window software.
  • Restart your PC and try again to access desktop gold mails.
  • Inspect your Computer for infected files and remove them.
  • Be sure your Computer has enough space to load new mails.
  • Check you have an active internet connection.
  • Update your desktop gold software.

If you still can’t access your mails in a desktop gold account. Here are some detailed steps by steps instruction to fix the issue.

Technical Solutions on Can’t Find Mails in Desktop Gold 

Important: Before applying any of the said solutions, it is advisable to check your Spam/Trash folder to see if the emails are not getting labeled as spam. In this scenario, simply select all the mails and mark them as ‘not spam’ to get them back into the Inbox.

Solution 1: Check your IMAP/POP Mail Configuration Settings

Unable to see your mails in the AOL desktop gold inbox/Spam folder?

Make sure you’ve provided the correct IMAP/POP settings for your desktop gold account. Follow the steps listed below to verify your mail settings:

  1. Login to desktop gold account using associated username password.

  2. Go to Settings>>>>>Mail options>>>>General settings. Now compare the settings inputs for below mentioned value:

IMAP Server Settings

  • Server Input: imap.aol.com
  • SSL: true-implicit
  • Port Setting: IMAP-993-SSL (default)

POP3 Server Settings

  • Server Input: pop.aol.com
  • SSL: true-implicit / true-explicit
  • Port: POP3-995-SSL where 995 (default) / 110 (default)

If you find any discrepancy in your mail settings. Or if the setting you have fixed in your desktop gold does not match with the expected above-said value, make it correct. After doing this, refresh and try to load your mails again.

In case you’re unable to reply to an email, including the wrong POP/SMTP settings there can be many other reasons responsible for the issue . 

If you can’t send email or any password issue then get fix the issue by reading DIY solutions on recovery or reset AOL desktop gold password!

Solution 2: Delete all Enlisted Filters (Not Find Email In Desktop)

If your AOL desktop gold software does not show all of your current emails in the inbox. You might have set some predefined filters. That forces the new receiving mails to go directly to spam or trash folders instead of getting into Inbox. Simply delete all those filters and try again to load your mail in the inbox.

To do so,

  1. Sign in to desktop gold account>>>>go to Option>>>choose mail setting>>>>finally select General settings >>>>under this choose Filter settings

  2. Simply mouse over the filter that you want to delete>>Click OK.

Solution 3: Remove Old Corrupted PFC (Personal File Cabinet) File

After applying all said solutions, if you are still unable to search all of the mail-in desktop gold accounts it can be due to a corrupted PFC file. To fix this, see the steps below:

  1. To begin with, sign in to Desktop Gold. Account and go to setting option. In case you’re unable to sign in, you may read the desktop gold login not working  -help guide.

  2. Under the setting menu, search and locate the ‘My Data’ tab.

  3. Finally, click on the Import option>>>>Select your file that you want to import (usually it contains bookmarks, favorites, address book and settings).

  4. Once this process completes, right-click and choose Cut.

  5. Save the file on the desktop. (to get your old data, you need to open the same file).

Solutions 4: Disable your Firmware Temporarily

Yes! That could be another reason why you’re unable to find your mails in the inbox. Antivirus or firewall programs installed in PCs might be blocking the emails or treating them as spam.

To disable your Windows Firewall program, see the steps below:

  1. Go to Window start button and open the Control Panel option

  2. On the next screen, choose ‘System and Security’.

  3. Under this menu, you need to select the ‘Window Firewall’ option

  4. Now choose the ‘Turn Window Firewall on/off’ form the left side pane.

  5. Next, you have to select the radio button for both the Public and Home network by simply clicking on it.

  6. One done, Hit the OK button and exit the screen.

Further, if you’re unable to get Desktop gold mail on your iPhone, you may follow these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue without much effort:

  1. To start with, sign in to a desktop gold mail account using the authenticate username and password (DO NOT forget that your password is case-sensitive, Use the SHIFT button to enter a letter in uppercase).

  2. Once you successfully get into a desktop gold account, Go to settings Icon.

  3. Under this, choose ‘Account Settings’ >>>>>>>on the appeared window, disable the ‘Allow apps that use less secure sign-in” by simply sliding the oval shape button next to this.

If you still can’t find mails in AOL desktop gold account, restart your device and follow the same sequence of steps again.

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Solution 5: Determine Your Computer have Enough System Storage

If your computer lacks the required memory space, you will be unable to load the new emails in your desktop gold account. You can also delete some unnecessary mail from your inbox to see if it works.

In addition to this, it is a good practice to keep your desktop gold inbox clean/remove the unwanted/junk email each time you use your desktop gold mail feature.

To free up system storage,

  1. Click on the Window start button>>>>>Go to All programs>>>>under this, choose ‘Accessories’>>>>>finally select ‘Disk Cleanup’.  Alternately, you can search the disk cleanup program by simply typing it in the window search bar. If you’re unable to locate this using the above method.

  2. A Window will open up asking you to select the disk preference you want to clean. Simply choose the disk from the drop menu.

  3. Next, choose the files you want to delete from your Computer.

After performing this, try again to access your mails again.

If you’re still unable to show your mails in the desktop gold inbox, stay tuned…

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Solution 6: Check your Internet Speed

Mails containing multiple  attachments, may take some time to appear on the inbox page. Especially, if your internet speed is not sufficient.

Thus, defective slow internet connection could also lead to missing desktop gold mails. You can troubleshoot your network and connectivity section to ensure that the network is not the case.

Wondering how? See the steps below:

  1. Click on the wireless network on the right side of the Window taskbar.

  2. Select the ‘open Network and sharing center’ >>>>>>>choose ‘Troubleshoot problems’.

  3. On the next window, select ‘Internet connection’ to start scanning the troubleshooting page.

  4. Follow the on-screen steps to fix the network issue on your own. In case, there is something serious issue with the connection you may contact your ISP for more help.

it back using associated network credentials. Also, you can restart your wireless router to fix the intermittent connection.

Important: Make sure the system date and time settings are accurate.

In an event, your desktop gold software date and time settings are incorrect. You can set it manually.

Want to know how? See the steps:

  1. Login to desktop gold software>>>>>>Go to settings icon>>>>>>>choose Update Calendar settings
  2. Set the correct time zone >>Save it.

If you’re still facing issue “can’t find mails in AOL desktop gold software” you need to check your mail configuration setting now.

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