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AOL Desktop Gold Login Not Working – What to Do?

AOL Desktop Gold Login Error - Troubleshooting

Troubling with AOL Desktop gold login not working error?

Does your desktop gold login Window crash ? Or become black/blank when you hit the sign-in button?

Then this post can help you in resolving the error. Simply follow the step by step instructions to fix can’t login desktop gold account issue on your own.

Before you head to solutions, try uninstall and download AOL desktop gold software again. As in most of the cases, this can fix the issue. Otherwise continue with the steps below…

Let’s begin by discussing the possible errors you may get if AOL Desktop gold login not working:

  • In most of the cases, a display error occurred with the following content “Invalid/Incorrect username and password”
  • Windows become unresponsive and act sluggish when you input the desktop gold credentials.
  • Successful login happens but nothing displayed after this.
  • When you submit a username password the screen turns black/blank or exit itself unexpectedly.
  • An error message displays ‘Can’t connect to this account’.

The answer for the query why Desktop Gold Login for Windows 7,8, or 10 not happening. Or can’t get into desktop gold can vary depending upon the type of error you are getting.

Generally, some of the basic reasons responsible for AOL desktop gold login authentication errors include:

Common Reasons Desktop Gold Login Not Working Error

Knowing the reason that can trigger the issue will help you in fixing the issue more quickly.

Invalid Username & Password

It is not rare when you forget your desktop gold credentials. So if you can’t login desktop Gold Account post Password Update. You might be punching wrong, misspelled, case sensitive credentials.

Defective Internet Connection

Your desktop gold is not connected to Internet connection properly. Or the internet signal strength is weak or there is any interruption in signal transmission.

Service Outage/ Server not Responding

One of the reasons for Desktop Gold Login Error can be server that is under maintenance or having technical issues. Also, If there are multiple login requests. Or huge traffic at the server end, you will not be able to get into the desktop gold login screen.

Corrupt/Missing Desktop Gold File 

Another prominent reason for desktop gold mail sign in page issues can be missing/empty files in software. Causing failure of communication between desktop gold source file to desktop gold shortcut. Simply uninstall and install AOL desktop gold software again.

Older/ Outdated Desktop Gold

You would not be allowed to sign in desktop gold mail. If you’re using an older desktop gold version for security reasons. The simplest way to fix this is update the latest desktop gold version for window/Mac devices for a successful login.

Computer Related Reasons…

Incompatible System

Your system doesn’t support required system specifications to run desktop gold on your window device.

Insufficient/Overloaded Internal Memory (RAM)

You have unnecessary junk files stored on your system storage. Thus, your system lacks sufficient memory storage essentials for desktop gold.

Outdated JAVA

Yes! You read it right! When your desktop gold sign button won’t act it can be due to outdated java. Your window will not work properly and results in window crashes or not reacting.

Furthermore, i t will also lead to other prominent software issues including : AOL Desktop Gold icon not responding Guide

Desktop Gold is Hanging due to the Presence of Virus & Infected Files

Your computer contains infected and malicious files. That controls and regulates the working of desktop gold software.

To fix them, you need to perform the step by step solutions listed below…..

Get Your Solutions – Can’t Login into AOL Desktop Gold

To rectify the issue of Desktop Gold Login screen not opening, follow the steps in the same way as mentioned without skipping any…

 Check your Desktop Gold Username and Password

Start troubleshooting your desktop gold won’t accessible login page issue with verifying account credentials. Here are the things you need to keep in mind while punching username & password

  • Make sure you’re using authenticate credentials (check your screen name twice before submitting)
  • Your password is case-sensitive
  • Type your password manually. As when you copy-paste your password (if you have stored it somewhere), sometimes it takes up space and causes an error.

Further, if you’re experiencing the issue Desktop Won’t Login Error after Windows Update. Then simply go to system setting to check for update notification. Likewise, if you can’t sign in Desktop Gold on Microsoft Outlook, you need to update your third party software here. Usually the update errors arise if your AOL Desktop Gold can’t connect to the Internet. Luckily you can fix this by simply rebooting your router.

If you’re sure you’re providing the correct password but still can’t sign in to desktop gold.  Or if you’ve forgotten your password. You can reset/ recover or create a new desktop gold password in a few minutes. Want to know how? See the steps below:

Steps to Create/Regenerate Desktop Gold Password:

  1. Using a Computer browser you prefer to open a desktop gold sign-in page.
  2. On the opened Window, click on the  Login/Join button.
  3. Type your username (or screen name) or email address in the input box and tap on NEXT button.
  4. Now, click on the “Forgot password” listed below.
  5. Type your username/ email again in the provided box and click next
  6. A Window will appear asking for the registered phone number associated with your account.
  7. Provide the correct number and select next

Note: This is the same number you have provided during desktop gold account creation/registration.

  1. After submitting the number, you will get an OTP verification code on your phone number. Copy this code and type that number in the box shown on the screen.
  2. Finally, click on the verify button.
  3. If the code matches, a prompt window will appear with two boxes. Type new password and confirm the same password again

    Note: we recommend creating a new password. Instead of using the old if you think someone has your old password.

  4. Provide your new password >>>>click on and exit.

If you still have left with any doubt then read AOL Desktop Gold Password Reset & Recovery  guide for detailed information.

Important: We highly recommend creating a password of at least eight characters long. Including numbers, letters and special characters such as (_,@,*) to keep your account safe & secure from a threat.

Still Getting desktop Gold login redirect error after punching the password?  continue reading…

Release System Memory to Fix Desktop Gold Sign-in Problem

To eliminate Desktop Gold blank sign in screen error. Flush out all unnecessary data stored in your computer to free up your system RAM.

If you are still unable to login Desktop gold, even after freeing up system storage memory. You need to inspect your PC for Trojans.

Scan your Entire Computer for Infected Files

Make sure the antivirus software you own is updated and working properly. If you do not own already, you can download any security software you prefer to scan your device.

To do so,

  1.  Launch your antivirus software from the window task bar
  2. Click on the scan button
  3. Once the scanning process is done>>>delete all the infected files.

Check your Internet Connection

If you frequently get desktop gold sign in page error. Or if desktop gold keeps you logged off, you need to check your network and connectivity settings.

Note: If you’re using a wireless connection, simply change your device location near to router for best signal strength.

Steps to Fix Internet Connection:

  1. Click on the Window start button and go to the Control Panel.
  2. Under this menu, choose  ‘Network and Internet.
  3. In the next window prompt, select ‘Network and Sharing Center’ option
  4. Next, search for the ‘Troubleshoot Problems’ option and click on it
  5. Finally, click on the ‘internet connections’ to resolve  the network error.
  6. If you see any errors, follow the on-screen instructions to fix it. Despite the following steps, if you’re still troubling with the desktop gold browser crashing issue . And can’t login your account via desktop gold app. You may contact your local internet service provider for better solutions.

Note: In order to diagnose network problems related to wireless networks, Ethernet, or other network adapters. You need to select the ‘Network Adapter,’ option listed on the same Window.

Still can’t login on Gold Software? try out some comprehensive solutions…

AOL gold Login Not Working Error Message – Advanced Solutions

Enable JavaScript Update tool for Windows

Doing this is necessary to keep your Window up to date. And to avoid errors like Desktop gold login not working. You can also update your java manually. Follow the step-by-step instruction, in the same order as listed below

Steps to Update JavaScript Manually:

  1. Click on the Window start button and search for the programs option
  2. Under this menu, search for the ‘Java program listing’
  3. Now, select ‘configure Java to open the Java Control Panel’
  4. On the open Window, locate and click the Update button.

Note: In order to enable Java Update automatically, simply allow the checkbox next to Updates Automatically tab within the same window.

Also, If you’re unable to update your desktop gold app even after updating window JavaScript. You may read the AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not working guide

Don’t be upset, if none of the said solutions works!  Simply try out the next advanced solutions.

Uninstall and Re-Setup the Software

Note: Perform this method if you have tried all methods stated above. And still unable to login to your desktop gold app.

Learn how to Uninstall Desktop Gold…

  1. Launch Window start menu>>>>>go to control panel>>>>>> Navigate to ‘Program’ option
  2. On the next window, search and locate Desktop Gold  and right click to it
  3. Choose uninstall>>>>exit

Once this process is done, you are liable to install a gold desktop application on your device. After downloading, locate the desktop gold installer file and install it.

In addition to this, be sure your system meets all the specifications required to get desktop gold. While downloading desktop gold, you may encounter error 104 code.

To fix this — read AOL desktop gold 104 error code -Guide!

Just in case, if you’re still left with a query you may consult with our desktop gold professionals for better understanding.