AOL Desktop gold icon missing AOL desktop icon missing from your desktop screen?A common glitch faced frequently is AOL icon missing from desktop even if you have downloaded and installed it properly.Here are steps to Restore AOL Desktop Gold Missing Icon:

Let’s dive right in:

Basic Troubleshooting For AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing From “system tray”

It’s always best to start checking from the basics. Here are the common issues and their probable solutions:

  1. First thing First check if you have latest version of gold software if not download AOL desktop gold latest version.
    download desktop gold software
  2. Please check your windows update setting and make sure your Windows PC is up to date, if not click here to update.
    windows updates for OS 10
  3. Do check System tray of your PC and if AOL desktop gold icon is missing from system tray, try to reinstall AOL Desktop gold.
    AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing From Windows Tray
  4. Do make sure if your computer meat system requirement standards set by american online.

If none of the above work head on to solutions given below.

Changes in the Windows desktop setting

Common reason for AOL icon missing from desktop  is sudden changes in your desktop settings. In case you have tweaked around your desktop settings here are the tips to fix:

Navigate to your Windows/MAC desktop by just starting up your computer.
The below steps are given for windows PC, if you have MAC PC we do have separate guide for that.

FiX aol Desktop gold missing icon from desktop by changing windows desktop settings

  1. Right click on the your windows desktop screen and click on the view option from the sub menu.
  2. Now search and locate the option “showing desktop icon” from the list of options. In case you find option is unchecked, click on it to select
  3. Now refresh the system by clicking on the refresh button from sub menu or you can press F5.
  4. Your missing AOL desktop gold icon must now appear on your desktop, if not do restart your system.

Note that in case the ‘show desktop icon’ is already checked and AOL desktop gold icon is still missing, you need to look for other fixes.

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Malware and virus check May Cause AOL Desktop Gold Icon Disappeared

The issue of AOL desktop gold icon missing from desktop/System tray can popup when your system is under attack from some malicious software or viruses or Trojans.

For such cases you need to inspect and remove the malicious software from your systems. Here are the steps

run virus scanner and restore missing AOL gold icon from dock

  1. In case your system is not having any PC scanner tool, open the web and download any tool from reliable sources.
  2. Once downloaded and installed, double click on the icon and run the anti-virus scan
  3. Always remember to click on whole system scan before the procedure starts on the prompt screen.
  4. Once the scan is successfully finished, you will get a list of all potential malware and effected programs.
  5. Now select those potential malware and right click on them and hit the delete button you may select auto deletion too.
  6. Repeat the same steps for all the potential malware and click of repair effected programs by scanner tool.
  7. Once you have deleted all the potential threats to the system, you will get a message on the screen with status deleted.
    restart your PC
  8. Now restart your system to restore the AOL desktop gold missing icon. If the icon doesn’t reappear on the screen you can also try and add a shortcut on the desktop screen

Restore missing AOL desktop gold shortcut on windows desktop.

The steps for adding shortcut are

Restore missing AOL desktop gold shortcut on windows desktop

  1. Open “my computer” ( windows 7,10 or 8), Go to C drive, Go to programs and files, Now search and locate the AOL desktop folder.
  2. Once inside the folder search and locate the AOL desktop gold icon. Right click on the icon.
    create AOL desktop gold shortcut from program files
  3. From the sub menu select the option create desktop gold shortcut or You can also simply drag the icon from the C drive folder to the desktop.
  4. Refresh the desktop screen and your icon will be restored.

If above solution did not work for you than follow and below solution for

Restore AOL Desktop Gold Missing Icon in dock option

If the issue of missing level desktop gold icon is frequent, you can save the AOL desktop gold icon in dock option to prevent it from further disappearance.

  1. For this launch the AOL desktop gold on your system. Next navigate to mouse pointer and place it over the AOL Desktop gold Icon in the dock
  2. Now click on it and from the list of options and select the option to keep it in dock position

Alternatively you can also try drag the AOL icon to Dock. For this follow the steps

  1. Go to the toolbar of your AOL desktop gold link software. Now hit the go menu present on the toolbar.
  2. Go to the applications option and select the AOL icon. Now in the final step drag the AOL icon to the desktop in dock position to prevent it from disappearing further.

If your AOL desktop gold icon missing issue is not fixed then you may need to follow the advance troubleshooting steps.

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Advanced troubleshooting to Restore missing AOL desktop gold icon or shortcut

If the basic troubleshooting steps for missing AOL desktop gold are not working for you than you have to try the advanced steps given below. Just make sure your windows system met the requirements set by American online.

Removing all the broken shortcuts

Sometimes if your icon keeps on missing frequently, it indicates that the icon has a broken link. To restore AOL desktop gold missing icon, you need to remove the broken threads and create shortcut freshly. To do so follow the steps:

  1. Recreate your AOL desktop gold icon from the installed file present in the AOL file, Or else you can download the desktop gold software freshly and then add the icon
  2. Or create a folder in your desktop wall and then store all the icons in it. In some cases you can simply restore your windows PC to fix AOL desktop gold icon missing issue.

Disabling system maintenance troubleshooter

Now it’s is nothing unknown that a missing AOL desktop gold icon is pretty annoying during rush hours. If this problem is pretty frequent and you get more than 4 missing or broken icons then you may need to disable your system maintenance.

A note of caution is that during system maintenance, the system will turn off all maintenance action the PC performs in the back-end of the system.

Thus it should come as one of the last resort to restore missing AOL desktop gold icon or shortcut. However, in case it is the last option here are the steps to disable system maintenance:

  1. Click the start button of your windows PC on left hand side and than Go to control panel, alternatively you can search for control panel in search box.
  2. Go to your windows “system and security option” and Scroll and locate “fix and find problems” option and click on it
    windows control panel
  3. One Clicked do navigate to the left panel of the screen and click on change settings option and do Select computer maintenance
  4. Click on the radio button to turn it off and disable the system maintenance. However, in case you can’t find system and security follow the alternative steps
    Disable system maintenance troubleshooter
  5. Go to the top right corner of your control panel and click on the down arrow of the ‘view by’ option and click on ‘category’
  6. Now you can locate the system and security option from the list. Just disable system maintenance.

Now try to restart you PC and than check if you can see your missing AOL desktop gold icon or not.

Turning off the task scheduler

Your desktops task scheduler is a function which works on deleting the broken files and threads from the system. The task scheduler can be a reason for your missing desktop gold icon as because it keeps on deleting your AOL Desktop icon.The steps to disable task scheduler are:

  1. Click the start button of you windows 7 ,8 or 10 PC and Go to programs.Under programs do click on Windows accessories.
  2. In accessories folder you find and locate “system tools”. Click on the folder “system tools” and than in end to locate “task scheduler” window and click on it.
  3. Now drag your mouse to the left pane of the screen and expand the tree under “task scheduler library”.
  4. From there select the Microsoft folder. Next click on the windows option. And then select option disabled
    windows task scheduler
  5. Also don’t forget to change the date and time settings of your system. Now restart your system. Hopefully the missing desktop gold icon should be back on your screen.

If it doesn’t reappear you can follow the steps given above to drag or recreate the shortcut back on screen.

Another effective way to restore disappeared AOL desktop gold icon is to 1st uninstall the software and than Fresh Install the AOL desktop gold software.

The steps to reinstall AOL desktop gold are:

Before installation note that if you are a member of desktop gold’s advantage plan program steps for re-installation should be pretty simple for you

Before beginning make sure that you have deleted all broken or corrupted AOL desktop gold install files.

  1. For a safe and convenient installation it is best that you download the AOL desktop gold setup file as well.
  2. For downloading the setup file open the browser of your computer.Now open the official AOL site.Now search and locate the AOL desktop gold downloadable file
  3. Once located click on the button to download it. After a successful download don’t forget to save the AOL Desktop gold in the download folders in your PC.install AOL Desktop Gold
  4. Once successfully downloaded scan the file to check whether it’s corrupted or virus infected. In case it’s not disable all security programs, firewalls, Windows defenders, anti virus third party programs etc.
  5. Now right click on the file and de-select run as an administrator option. If the option is not disabling use a CMD script to force the program to run as an administrator. You can also try and perform boot clean on your device.
  6. After checking all the steps double click on the setup file. Now follow all the prompt instructions and complete the installation process.
  7. During the process of installation, you will be asked to enter your user id and password to confirm your identity. After successful completion of the steps, click on the finish button to complete the procedure.

Now restart your device and your desktop icon should be back. In case it doesn’t you can follow the steps to recreate a shortcut as well.

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Clear all icon.db cache files and fix missing AOL gold icon.

In case your system is overloaded with a number of shortcuts and installed filesit can lead to disappearance of your AOL gold icon. So to fix the issue:

  1. Open the start menu of your windows computer system. Type run on search box and open the run menu.
  2. Now type the command ‘regedit’ on the open registry editors window. Click on the option HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE which is present on the left pane of the window.
  3. Now select the option software and than Click on the option “Microsoft”. Next click on “Windows”. Go to the option :current version” and Select “Explorer”.
    clear all icondb cache files and fix missing AOL gold icon
  4. In the next window, you will find the max cached icon number list. Generally it is set at 10,000 value change, the max catch icon value will do something lower than 10000 or you can change it to a range higher than 10,000 as well
  5. If your system doesn’t have changed Max catch icon option, then you need to create it by a new string and reboot your system to save the changes
  6. After that go to “C:\users\[username]\AppData\Local” option. Next right click on the iconcache.dbfiles. Now select the delete option to remove the cache files

Now reboot the system again and you will see your missing aol desktop icon then if not troubleshoot AOL gold software via below given steps.

Troubleshoot via system tray

Sometimes the reason for which AOL Desktop Gold got disappeared is the system tray or that task bar near it. For fixing the system tray or system clock issue follow the steps.

restore AOL gold from windows system dock

  1. In the task bar of your desktop screen the system clock is present.Navigate the mouse pointer near your system clock. Now click on expand image icon option.
  2. In the image tray locate AOL desktop gold icon. If you find the AOL desktop gold icon in the tray right click on it. Now from the sub menu, hit the create AOL desktop gold shortcut option
  3. However, if the AOL desktop gold shortcut icon is not available in the system tray open the program files option. Navigate to the AOL desktop icon which is downloaded for the desktop screen

With this shortcut, your desktop gold icon should be restored. You can also restart your system to save the changes and launch AOL desktop gold.

Miscellaneous tips to Restore Disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon

Other than these advanced troubleshooting tips, there are certain miscellaneous tips you can follow to avoid missing of desktop gold icon or broken shortcut links.

Fulfilling the system requirements

Make sure that not only during downloading, but while you are using your system, it is complied with the minimum system requirements of AOL gold.The requirements are:

  1. For Windows OS need 7 or higher version of Windows. For Mac users Mac OS X or newer versions
  2. 1GB RAM minimum. A minimum processor speed of 266Mhz or faster. Recommended screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher
  3. Make sure that your system has a minimum space of 512 MB. As mentioned already check your browser and internet connectivity. Make sure that the set of file from where you are installing is not broken or corrupted in anyway.

If your system complies with all the basic demands and none of the troubleshooting hacks work, then contact desktop gold experts for further troubleshooting guidance.

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