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AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 -Symptoms and Solutions

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AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

Does AOL Desktop Gold error 104 code pops up whenever you are trying to download the software? Here is a review on the plausible steps to fix.

The symptoms which indicates AOL error 104

The AOL error code 104 message can pop up either while downloading AOL Desktop Gold or installing the desktop gold software.Generally when a download error is detected the setup file shuts down. This results in broken extension of the setup file.

But before plunging in to troubleshoot the error proper diagnosis of the symptoms are necessary. Here are few probable technical errors which generally indicates the AOL desktop gold error code 104.

  • If you see the error code 104 message visible
  • Computer system starts freezing all of a sudden in periodic intervals
  • If you systems windows become unresponsive or slow to keyboard not mouse clicks

What are the causes for error code 104?

In case your AOL desktop error issues indicates towards an error code read of 104 here are few of the possible reasons for it

  • Corrupted desktop gold file is downloaded
  • Systems windows registry system is corrupted
  • System has been infected by viruses or malware
  • If the downloaded AOL desktop gold file is an incomplete one.

Note:- Before start any other troubleshooting ” Download AOL Desktop Gold ” and do a fresh installation of AOL Gold

Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

Once you have confirmed the diagnosis of the error 104,here are the quick fixes to try. Although remember that proper diagnosis is always important as you don’t get any brownie points for trial and error when it’s an error code 104 read.

Here are some of the probable fixes

#1 PC Scanner Tool to fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

As one of the major contributor of error code 104 is attack from any malicious software it is important to run a complete PC scanner setup on your desktop. Malware are basically malicious software that infects your system through your internet network or by any other carrying device mode and they steal data or modify the data or delete data from run time setup files. Once the setup files for AOL gold is corrupted you will have to remove the old broken thread and download and install the desktop gold freshly from scratch.

The steps to run a malware protection program to detect presence of malicious software are as follows

  • Begin with clicking on the anti malware program icon which should be present in the right-hand side corner of your task bar
  • In case the icon is not visible drag your mouse to the pointer click on it and expand the list of hidden icons. Once the anti malware software icon has been detected click on it
  • You can also hit the start button and go to all programs. Then go to the anti-malware software you have installed click on it and launch It
  • In case you don’t have an anti malware software launch your browser and download a program from reliable sources
  • Once you have successfully launched a program click on it and a new window will appear
  • Hit the scan now button
  • Now wait patiently as the program detect malicious software present in your computer
  • Once the process completes the scanner tool will display (if any) a list of malicious software and potential threats it found during the scan
  • If malware are detected click on the respective files and delete them
  • Now you have to download the desktop gold again from scratch

Read this guide if :- AOL Desktop Gold icon is missing from your computer

#2 System compatibility check

This type of error occurs when your system doesn’t comply with the essential basic requirements for AOL desktop gold download . To avoid this error compare your systems specs with the basic necessities for AOL desktop gold.

The basic requisites for downloading AOL desktop gold on your system are

  • Operating system: should be within windows 7, windows 8, windows8.1 and windows 10.
  • Device processor: the speed of your device processor should be more than 266 MHz or faster
  • Available space: the available free disk space on your device to be around 512 MB or more
  • RAM: the RAM should be at least 1GB
  • Network version: should have an updated net hardware version of 4.5.2
  • Screen resolution: it should be of 1024 x 768
  • Network connectivity: make sure that while the AOL gold downloading process is going on can you have an high speed uninterrupted network connectivity

Remember if your system complies with all the minimum basic requirements for downloading AOL Desktop Gold then you need to look for other troubleshooting hacks to resolve error code 104.

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#3 Clean the junk files

When you surf for over the internet call perform,  any activity on your computer your system accumulation number of junk files that is temporary files, cache memories and cookies from your browser and your computer. These junk files remain stored within your device is memory forever the slowing down the activity of your system. And in some extreme situation the system ultimately freezes. Thus you should always keep clean in your clogged disc space for an effective uninterrupted desktop gold functioning.

The steps to clear your temporary files are as follows

you must always delete your temp files and this can help you to resolve AOL gold error 104

  • To delete your cache memory is cookies, temporary files, histories and footprints follow the given steps
  • Open your browser as for example Internet Explorer
  • On the top right hand corner of the window locate the tools icon
  • From the dropdown list that appears click on the internet option button
  • Once clicked on the button a small action window will open
  • Next go to the general taband go to the browser history section from where select the delete button
  • Once clicked you will be redirect to delete browsing history window
  • Now from the list of cookies cache memory temporary files click on the checkboxes of all the unwanted residual junks and click on the delete button
  • now click on the ok button and finally close the internet option window
  • Removal of junk file via disk cleanup

This which is exclusively available on Windows operating system segment with XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

To remove the junk by disc cleanup setup follow the given steps.

  • Hit the start button
  • In the search panel type command
  • However do not press enter immediately after  typingcommand
  • Now from the keyboard hold the control and shift key together and hit the enter button
  • Once you have successfully hit the command dialogue box will open which will be seeking permission to initiate the cleanup process
  • As soon as you click on the yes button in the next step a black screen will open
  • In the black screen box enter the command ‘cleanmgr’ and now hit the enter button from the keyboard
  • Once you have hit the enter button the disk cleanup procedure away initiate
  • The disk clean-up will calculate the number of accumulated files which it can delete and reclaim the space
  • Once you have checked a new dialogue box will open from where specify the categories you want to clean and hit the ok button
  • Now the disk clean-up setup will clean all the temporary file

#4 Update the drivers

Another reason for the AOL Desktop Gold error code 104 is presence of inappropriate or incorrect drivers. In case you have incorrect or outdated or corrupted drivers.  AOL desktop file won’t be downloaded.

Now it’s not really difficult to download the drivers however finding the right driver and installing it might be quiet a cumbersome process. In case you don’t have ample tech expertise over driver types and how to install them it’s best that you seek help from authorized experts

#5 A complete system restores

A word of caution: when you run a system restore your system will date back to the last time you made any system changes. Hence this step must be followed only when all other solutions are failing.

The steps for Windows XP

  • Begin with clicking on the start button
  • Go to the option help and support
  • Click on the pick a task
  • Next select the option undo changes with system restore
  • While performing this steps please make sure that there is a dot in the restore my computer to an earlier time option
  • Hit the next option
  • Now type the date in a bold font format
  • And then complete the process by clicking on the next button

The Steps for Windows 7 or Vista

  • Begin with clicking on the start button
  • Search and find the system restore option from your program list and click on it
  • When the system restore window open click on the next button
  • Locate the option restore your computer to the previous state and make sure to click on the reconfirmation button
  • Finally to finish the process click on the next button

Note that for windows XP or 7 or Vista generally the system restore option doesn’t hamper any of your saved data’s. However, always save all files and currently running programs before the process starts to avoid any kind of accidental data loss. See if this fix AOL gold error 104

#1 A Windows system file checker

Corrupted system files are another reason for interruption of any system file. If your AOL file creates issued while downloading or installing you may run a Windows system file check to detect if there is any issues.

The steps are

  • Hit the start button
  • Enter the command search in the field
  • But press the enter button
  • Hold the Ctrl+ Shift key together from the keyboard and then hit the enter button
  • In the next dialogue box click the yes option to give permission for the process to continue
  • Next a black screen along with a blinking cursor will appear.
  • Near the cursor position type the command SFC and then press the enter button
  • Now the windows will start checking the file systems however based on the number of setup files this process might take a bit of time so be patient while the process is running
  • In case of issues detected press follow the on-screen instructions for resolving the issue

#2 Updating windows to fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

If the AOL Gold 104 error is a run time error or download error chances are that it was due to your outdated windows. So to update windows follow the steps

  • In the search panel type update
  • In the next dialogue box click on the option check update for windows
  • If any recent updates are available select to download and install it

Need Assistance?

If your AOL desktop gold file still reads error code 104 then call experts for further guidance.