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Eliminate AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 100

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AOL Desktop Gold 100 Error Troubleshooting

Realizing your AOL software might be infected with AOL desktop gold error code 100.

So, without thinking twice – Simply start with the troubleshooting steps defined underneath.

Indication of AOL Desktop Gold Error 100

Basically, people don’t know exactly what happening with their device when AOL desktop Gold Error Code 100 encountered.

For your convenience, we are explaining below some major indications of Error:

  • AOL desktop Gold icon not responding 
  • Slow System Processing
  • Getting the Blue screen or BIOS error in your device.
  • Automatically open or close system programs
  • Missing  AOL desktop gold icon
  • Fail to update System programs
  • Can’t log-in AOL desktop Gold application

Reasons – Why Does AOL Desktop Error 100 Display?

AOL gold error 100 usually known as Window error code and also called device error code.

Most Often this error happens when users newly download AOL desktop gold on Windows.

Well, understand the main causes of this error:

  • Download corrupted Computer drivers is one of the major cause of AOL desktop 100 error.
  • This malfunction arises due to compatibility issue with the main board.
  • Operating system and installed drivers can not completely matched to each other when this error executes.
  • Installed Computer drivers by wrong way.

Way to Resolve AOL Desktop Gold 100 Error Code

Step 1: Modify Window Update Setting

Follow below steps to change Window Update Setting:

  • Click on Window Start button.
  • Open Control Panel->System & Security→ Window Update.
  • Now, move to left pane of screen and select “Change Setting” option.
  • Under Important update section – you will have appeared drop down list with following options:-  Install Updates Automatically (Recommended)
    –  Download Updates but Let Me Choose whether to Install Them
    –  Check for Updates but Let Me Choose whether to Download and Install Them
    –  Never Check for Updates (Not Recommended).
  • For better result- Select “Install Updates Automatically” option.
  • In last, click on “OK” button to save changes.

In case, automatic update won’t work then read complete AOL desktop gold automatic update not working guide

Step 2: Disable Firewall and Antivirus Properties from your System

To do that:

  • Open your Computer & Click on Start Menu button.
  • Open the Control Panel → System and Security → Window Firewall.
  • Select “Turn on or off Window Firewall” Option from left side of screen.
  • Click on “Turn off Window Firewall” radio button.
  • In the end, click on OK button to apply changes.

Steps 3: Scan your System and Remove Viruses/Malware

Virus and malware may damage your system security.

If any virus and malware programs present in your system then – you can’t access AOL desktop Gold software.

So, remove viruses from your system with the help of any Antivirus or PC scanner tool.

Focus on below point how you can delete…..

Enter Safe Mode

  • Open Windows Start button -> Click Power button
  • Click on the restart option.
  • Now, your Computer will restart and display several advance boot system options.
  • Click on Troubleshoot option -> Advanced options -> Click Start-up Settings
  • Under Start-up settings -> click on restart button.
  • Various boot options are displayed during restart process. But you have need to select one among three options
    • Enable Safe Mode
    • Next, Enable Safe Mode With Networking
    • Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt

You can choose these options by pressing functions key i.e. F4, F5 or F6.

  • Now, Windows 10 starts in safe mode.

Important: One of the important thing, you can access boot manager of your system using key i.e. (Ctrl + F8) during the process. Further, you can choose desired safe mode process.

Delete Temporary Files

Now, you are in Safe mode, delete temporary files using cleaner tools.

  1. Tap “Window + R” button together.
  2. Type “%temp%” in search bar.
  3. You will have to appear Temp File folder.
  4. Select temporary files and click on delete option.
  5. Deleting your temporary files may even get rid of your malware software.

Most probably, by following among troubleshooting, you can resolve your issues.

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