Software Overview

An Overview of AOL Desktop Gold Download

Download Latest version of AOL Desktop gold ( and higher):- Learn here AOL Desktop Gold Download steps for windows and MAC OS. All your need is a desktop that meet certain system requirements. (See Below Section for System Requirement).
Desktop Gold is an all-in-one Desktop Software where you get email, browsing, searching, IM Conversation etc
AOL Desktop gold download is free of cost if you are prime member of AOL, however if you are not a member of AOL you can still get AOL desktop gold as free trial. Even if you are new member without confirmation email, you can still download AOL Desktop gold at 4.99 per month. To get 30-day free trial of an AOL Desktop Gold subscription, click hereClick here.

Download Steps

Step to Download AOL
Desktop Gold

Windows System Requirement for AOL Gold Download

Before downloading AOL Desktop gold there are some minimal system standards that your desktop should comply with. The minimum system requirements for AOL Desktop Gold download for windows OS is

make sure to have a computer of processor speed of 266 MHz or above

RAM and System Memory requirements.

the system should have RAM of 1024MB at least. the hard disk should have at least 512MB of free space

use a web browser (Internet Explorer preferably) in its latest version. make sure to have a desktop with high speed internet connection i.e wireless, broadband or DSL connection.

You can download AOL Desktop Gold on Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10 or MAC operating system.

As you know that AOL desktop gold is capable of playing movies, videos and video streaming so your desktop screen resolution should be 1024x768

Aol Gold Download System Requirment windows

AOL desktop gold download windows 7 and 10

Download AOL Gold Desktop Windows

If you are new to AOL desktop gold you need to Subscription plan before downloading AOL Desktop Gold. For new user here are the steps to AOL gold desktop download on windows.

  1. Signup To Start AOL Gold Downloading.
  2. When you are a new user it is necessary to have an AOL account. Launch a web browser on your windows browser and go to the official AOL desktop homepage.Now click on the get membership link.Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account.

  3. purchase AOL membership
  4. Once you have created account Go to the AOL Desktop Gold login page. Enter your details and sign in to your account. Note that AOL desktop gold Windows version is a premium version, so once you have logged in, buy a premium version of AOL Gold. To buy the premium version go to the manage my subscription option.Next go to premium subscription.

  5. Download AOL Gold Software.
  6. Now locate the get started button which should be located just next to the download AOL desktop gold link.Now click on the link given in the message to initiate the AOL gold download process.

  7. Complete The Process
  8. Once the process of download is complete run the downloaded file and Install AOL desktop gold version on your Windows system. Accept the users license and terms of agreement and complete the process.

MAC System Requirement for AOL Gold Download

Check following system requirments to download AOL desktop gold on MAC OS.

make sure your MacBook speed is higher than 266mhz


have a reliable internet connection with RAM of 1024Mb.

The minimum hard disk space should be 512mb

your device screen resolution should be at least 1024X768

a web browser in its latest version preferably Internet Explorer

Aol desktop gold download MAC requirment

Download AOl gold desktop for MAC OS

Steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold for Mac

Having MAC OS Don't worry you can still get AOL Gold on MAC OS.In case you are a new to AOL here are the steps to download AOL gold for MAC

  1. Create Now AOL Account to start Process.
  2. Launch the browser on your MAC OS. Click on the option create an account. Now enter all the required information in the given field correctly. Once you have created the account login to your AOL account on MAC Browser.

  3. Purchase AOL Desktop Gold Subscription.
  4. Now take AOL membership plan as per your requirement. Note that the AOL desktop gold version for MAC is a premium subscribed version. Now go to the option email services. Login to your newly formed account

  5. Get AOL Desktop Gold For MAC
  6. Scroll for the message in email stated start with AOL desktop gold.Click on the link present below the message and download desktop gold

  7. Finish the process.
  8. Once the download process is completed click on the continue dialogue box to run the process.Install AOL Desktop Gold on MAC to finish the setup.

What are you waiting for?

Click download button &enjoy Power of AOL Gold.
AOL membership

Download AOL Desktop Gold

If you have AOL membership

Download Desktop gold process if you have AOL membership

Note that in case you already have an advantage plan you don’t need any cost charges to download AOL desktop gold version on your desktop

To avoid recurring payment remove your credit card and debit card information from aol gold account.
  • Login to your AOL desktop gold account using windows browser & sign in to the myBenefits page.
  • Next go to the all products section. Scroll and locate the option AOL desktop gold.
  • Next click on the download now for Windows button present below it.
  • Your AOL desktop gold for Windows will start downloading in your Windows device.
  • Time Required to Download AOL Desktop Gold file depends on your internet speed.
  • Now to locate desktop gold open your file explorer from the taskbar, you can directly go to download folder in windows.
  • Go to the option downloaded file, Navigate and locate the download install AOL gold.
  • This is you AOL Desktop Gold for Windows. You can double click anytime on this file to start process.
  • Read AOL Desktop Gold Installation Guide.
Get Aol Desktop Gold If you are AOl Advantage plan member
AOL signup email

Download AOL Desktop Gold

Via AOL signup confirmation email

download aol desktop gold via AOL signup confirmation email

For this make sure that you have completed all the prerequisites steps for receiving the confirmation email.i.e you must have AOL account and you must opt for free trail.

  • Once you have received the confirmation email for AOL desktop gold free trail download go to your inbox.
  • Locate the welcome email and click to open the confirmation mail generally it will be with the title getting started with AOL desktop gold
  • Now locate the download link in the file which you are suppose to download.
  • Click to download to start downloading process on MAC. Note that in case you want to update your old desktop gold version the steps are similar
  • Now click on the save dialogue box.Once you have saved the file locate AOL gold download Link just Downloaded
  • To locate the file on MAC OS Go to Finder by clicking the Finder icon or open Spotlight. Search for AOL Desktop.
  • Your file will be shown in result just click on it to save it on your desired location.Now all you have to do is to Install AOL Desktop Gold on MAC
get aol gold on mac with confirmation email
Subscription plan

Download AOL Desktop Gold

If you have trial AOL Subscription plan

Aol Desktop gold for trail or subscription

If you have trail subscription plan of AOL Desktop Gold, You can enjoy all benefits of Gold software for next 30 days and after that you have to purchase the software.

  • Login & Locate Subscribe Section.
  • When you are a trial plan holder launch a web browser. Sign-in to your account via my accounts page. Click open the my Subscription or services option.

  • Start Download
  • Under the AOL desktop gold icon locate and click open the get started option.Once you have clicked the AOL desktop gold version will start downloading on your device

  • Locate File
  • One aol gold download is finished all you need to do is to locate the file, in windows system you can do it by simply going to download folder and search for AOL-Desktop-Gold.

  • Finish the Process
  • Once File is located All you need to do is to save it on your desired location so that you can install it any time.

get gold software for mac if you have aol trail

Features AOL Desktop Gold

From entertainment and watching movies to getting real time sports updates, from chatting to sending professional emails AOL provides a comprehensive on stop solution helping you to enthral in both professional and personal space

Enhanced safety and security

Enhanced safety and security

AOL desktop gold’s premium version comes with premium levels of security features to allow you a complete 360 degrees safety mode .

Ease of Use

Ease of Use.

Just go to the premium security tab on the setting window and select or deselect the features you want to use or turn off

Anti key logging

Anti keylogging

AOL desktop gold comes with random alpha numeric characters appearing on the top right of your screen disguises content you typing.

features of AOL desktop gold
Phishing alerts

Phishing alerts

AOL Desktop Gold detects and alerts you at once when you are trying to login to some fraudulent third party website and block them.

Screenshot capturing

Screenshot capturing

AOL comes with advanced level of safety by disabling devices to capture screenshot. However you can uncheck this option

TV on the Go

TV on the go

One of the unique features of AOL desktop gold is the presence of media player with local podcasts and TVs on the go anytime you need.

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Download Desktopgold for
different OS

AOL desktop gold is one of the most user friendly and conveniently downloading internet suit of all time. Now with the advanced bug fixes the process of downloading and installation have become even easier. Here is a brief guide on AOL desktop gold download windows varying operating systems.

Troubleshoot Desktop Gold
Download Issues

Although known to be one of most user friendly and bug free software of all time however as all software faces some problems in its own AOL Desktop Gold isn’t free from technical glitches as well.
Here’s a brief take on some of the most commonly faced issues while downloading

In case amidst AOL download gold the screen suddenly freezes it indicates that you are experiencing a download error. The steps to troubleshoot are

  • Check for virus or malwares
  • In case you have antivirus software run a full system scan immediately
  • Check your PCs space. Make sure you clean out your PCs junk files regularly
  • Check your system to make sure that you meet up to all the basic systems requirement
  • Make sure your device and it’s driver’s firmware are perfectly updated
  • If just before installation you have made any changes on your computer make sure to revert them back to the default version

In this case you would read error messages Blerk, GAH, Zoids etc. Or sometimes blank screen appears after entering login credentials. To troubleshoot

  • Begin with clearing all cookies, cache memories, temporary files, user histories and footprints from your device
  • To fix Blerk error disable or change the firewall and browser settings
  • To fix GAH errors make sure to enable the Java Applets
  • In case you are facing blank screen error allow friendly URLs on your browser along with some adjustment in the web setting and enabling the JavaScript

If AOL gold installtion got failed you may encounter error like 104 and to troubleshoot this you must have your AOL account ready. Below are the steps

  • Make sure that your device is fulfilling all the basic requirements for AOL gold download
  • Disable all firewalls, antiviruses and Windows defenders. Now restart your device to save the changes. Right click on the AOL installer file
  • Now click on properties. Click to uncheck the run as admin checkbox. Click apply and ok to save the changes you have made. Also try and force the installer file to run as an normal user by creating a CMD script. For this create a shortcut on desktop
  • Paste the target script. Choose the shortcut as root. Screen buffer size. Enter the password %COMPUTERNAME%\root. Now restart your device

In case it’s a new pc where reinstalling has failed follow the given steps

  • Insert the AOL desktop gold cd in system disk. The cd should start automatically
  • In case it doesn’t double click on the file and force launch. Click on advanced plan member on setup wizard
  • Enter your credentials. Complete the verification process to install AOL gold
  • In case the hard drive is new select the destination folder and hit ok to save the changes

    In case of corrupt installer file.

  • Uninstall the older version
  • Uninstall the corrupted/broken installer file
  • Download desktop gold from authentic sites
  • Run a virus scan

    In case the OS has been updated

  • Right click on the installer file
  • Uncheck the run as an administrator checkbox
  • Reinstall the file freshly. You can also open the command prompt
  • Run a CMD script forcing the program to be installed as a normal user

AOL Desktop Gold Download Troubleshooting

Below are list of issues you may face while downloading or using AOL desktop gold. We already ahve fix for all those issues. All you need to do is to explore our troubleshooting section or call @ 12345678

  • Cant Download AOl Desktop Gold
  • MAC OS AOL Desktop gold download error
  • Windows 7 aol desktop gold download error
  • Stuck in the middle of AOL Desktop Gold Download
  • AOL Desktop GOld Error 104
  • AOl Desktop Gold Cant Login
  • Fix AOL desktop gold Address book missing
  • Aol Desktop Gold confirmation link not working

Desktop Gold FAQ

In case you are trying to update make sure that your system complies with all the basic requirements for AOL desktop gold. In case of any mismatch AOL desktop gold will not download on your device. In case all the requirements are checked out, follow the given steps.
Restart your device >>>> Remove the pre installed downloaded file >>>> Download AOL desktop gold >>>> Run installation

How can I reinstall AOL gold on my device?

For reinstalling AOL desktop gold on your system for the given steps

  • Begin with removing the old version from your computer
  • Go to the official site of AOL desktop gold
  • Click on the official link, Download and run the file

AOL provides regular updates for its users. The updates comes with various features, upgraded securities and bug fixes. Some of the latest additions in the newest versions are:

  • Enhanced and upgraded advanced security
  • Auto update features
  • Updated web browser
  • Anti keylogger windows screen
  • Live support
  • Customised fonts

No you cannot download AOL desktop gold on IOS or any Android version phones. at present the latest version of AOL desktop gold can only be downloaded on the following fractions

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS mavericks and all its latest versions
  • Turn off your computer for 5 minutes or so
  • Hit the power button to turn it on
  • Now click and try to launch AOL desktop gold
  • In case the error persists uninstall the old AOL gold version
  • Go to the official link and reinstall