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AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not Working – Effective Fixes

AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not Working – Effective Fixes

It’s quite frustrating when you come across with the message “AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Update not working”.

This lends the user in trouble as what to do when a situation like this appears.If you call for a technician, then he will also require some time to arrive at your place.

So, by that time, you can have a look at these options and follow the procedure and you might discover that you have solved the issue in no time.

In case, if you are not able to rectify it, you can take the help of a technician.

AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not WorkingWhat are the reasons for Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not Working?

In first place update desktop gold software

The reasons for Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not Working are communicated below.

Corrupt Desktop Gold Program: If the gold program is destroyed for some reason such as due to virus or malware attack, then such kind of error will occur.

Lack of Space on the computer: If the computer does not contain enough space or have a less space, then the software will not be able to download and install it as the size of the file is more than the space available in the system. Learn here if you can install AOL Desktop Gold.

Disabled Windows Automatic Update: If the windows automatic update box has been disabled from the control panel, then the software will not work.

Third-Party Security Software: The programs such as anti-virus, windows firewall may create an obstruction for the software to work.

Problem due to compatibility: If the requirement of the software does not match with the system specifications, then the compatibility issue will arise.

Outdated software: The windows which you are using in the computer should also be an updated one otherwise the software will not get updated.

Poor connection: Due to an improper internet connection, you will not be able to update the gold software.

What are the symptoms of Gold desktop Auto Update Not Working?

The symptoms of Desktop Gold Automatic Update not working is stated below:

Troubleshooting steps Desktop gold automatic update failed ?

The troubleshooting steps for Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not Working are discussed below.

Run the Troubleshooter

  • You need to go to the start button and press on the control button.
  • After that, select on troubleshooter and then click on view all and then select on internet explorer performance and then select on automatically solve the problem button.
  • Verify that the system is connected to the network connection which is strong.

Now, you will notice that the Gold Update Not Working might start working after following the above process.

Verify that Internet Explorer does not block ActiveX, Active Scripting, and Java

  • For this, you need to click on tools menu and proceed to internet explorer.
  • Then, click on internet connection and then click on security button and press on Reset all Default Level Areas.
  • After that, select on ok to save the changes that you have made in the system.
  • After that when the ActiveX, Active Scripting, and Java get unblocked, and then you can use the software.

If the problem has been caused, due to this reason, then you will see that the software has started updating.

Switch off add-ons to fix AOl Gold Automatic Update Not Working

For this, you need to first open internet explorer and then click on add on button that is available in the tools in menu bar.

  • You need to select on all add on and select on disabled option.

This will help you in solving the issue and then you can update the software.

Solution doesn’t work on i-Phone

  • If it’s not working in an I-phone then try logging through another device say a computer.
  • After that, there is a verification process, which you need to carry out.
  • Then, you need to click on accounts settings and select on manage button.
  • Then, select on connect apps and select on allow so that a fresh application can be started. After that, press on iOS mail and select on create and change the password.
  • After that log in through the device, you will see that the software has started working.

Not working on Android

  • Open the application and go and complete the verification process.
  • After that select the account and inspect and check the internet connection.
  • After that you need to enter the values which are IMAP server =, then on port = 143, then on security type = press none. After that you need to select the configuration of the server in which you will be working. Then on SMTP Server, you need to type and on port = 587 and then click on next button.
  • After that you need to restart the system and you will see the android will start working.

Either of the method will help in solving Desktop Gold Automatic Update Error and after that you will be able to update the gold software.

What are troubleshooting steps for Incomplete Desktop Gold updates?

The steps for Desktop Gold Automatic Update Not Working troubleshooting are stated below:

  • You need to first close all the running folders that are opened in the system and restart the system or press on ALT+F4 key to shut down the computer.
  • After that, you need to wait for some time and then switch on the device again.
  • Let the system boot process to get completed.
  • After that go to the windows button and then click on start button and select on update button.
  • Proceed to change settings options and select and right click on important updates.
  • After that press on install automatic updates. You need to click on OK, so that the changes are saved and restart the system.
  • After that you need to log in to the gold software website in the above section and check that the device should have the latest version.

If you are still unable to update the software, then follow the steps

  • With the use of disk cleanup program, clean all the files that are not required from the system.
  • Delete the browsing history, footprints, cache from the device.
  • You need to then disable any anti-virus software if it is present in the system.
  • Finally, after doing this entire if nothing works out then download AOL desktop gold Software.

Call to Action

Looking for ways to solve the error? You will have to follow the steps that lead to successful elimination of desktop gold errors. For additional support and assistance, you can always get in touch with professionals. For other problem you can explore the AOL gold troubleshooting section.


The above process will help you in rectifying the issue quickly. You even don’t need to wait for any technical assistance also. If still you are not able to solve the issue, then you can definitely get the help of the people who deals with these kinds of problems.


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