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About us:- we are group of certified & experienced professional. Our Mission is to provide error free device & software experience. To know more contact us.

Note: Here, we stand for https://desktopgoldlink.com.

We are an independent service provider for software like Desktop Gold, mail,  etc. Working majorly to fix software issues concerning your device. we work 24*7 to help resolve your issue. Available in U.S and Canada, you may even check our website weekly- which gets updated with latest AOL Desktop Gold problem and solutions.

In case, you are bothered by any device or software issue (under warranty), we suggest you to 1st contact the manufacturer or concerned official service provider.

If at any point, you feel unsatisfied with the official services . you can always avail our paid services.

We have a separate group of tech expert’s to deal with the smart home devices and their software issues.

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Our services and solutions in minutes make us stand out from the crowd of experts. Likewise, we have developed many other skills and attitude, which makes our customer across the U.S and Canada feel not only satisfied but HAPPY!

We assist people to resolve their software concerns through a direct phone line, email, chat window, and request call back service. Besides this, we also provide remote support service through which our experts fix any software issue faster. Available round the clock, money-back warranty, and honest services are some of the other features, which make our customers count on us.

Sometimes, users don’t want paid services. For such cases, we have self-help or Troubleshooting section on the website (weekly updated by Desktop Gold

Re-inventing the wheel let’s put a pin in that high touch client post launch but good optics 60% to 30% is a lot of present experts to help resolve your issue). Simply, scroll through the page and click your problem to find the enclosed solutions.

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Super Efficient

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We have already listed many of services and its medium above. However, to help you see the crystal clear and real picture of our services, please check the further stated information:

  • We provide help for any kind software issues like downloading AOL desktop gold, installation, icon missing, 104 error, or login account.
  • We give you 24×7 assistance in order to resolve your computer issues.
  • Our experts will also guide and help you with the computer clean-up process.
  • Besides resolving AOL issues with your Desktop Gold program, the technicians are equally good with other computer relating-software problems. So, you may even go for those services!
  • We offer troubleshooting guides, manuals, tips and tricks, and other how-to-guides so, you can keep your software update and enjoy accessing browser, devices, and concerned software programs.

To avail and know more about www.desktopgoldlink.com services, call @888-616-4869.